Aurélien Arnaud must be an acolyte of the soundsystem. Dub techno as Palma Soundsystem to the genre-bending D104 material, music released on various projects, both collaborative and solo, often seem engineered with the rig in mind. Putting any lingering doubts to rest, nowhere is this more evident than an upcoming release for French label, KUMP.

Big Science manoeuvres, his Eurostox EP feels like a fully realised development of the Warzou sound – a nascent LYL Radio show under this latest alias has been described as an exercise in “dub, industrial and electro.” A2’s ‘Nomor’ is the acerbic, decayed melting pot into which Arnaud has poured recent influences, a bone-rattling mélange of caustic noise, industrial timbre, low-slung breaks and sluggish reggaeton rhythm.

The Eurostox EP is out soon on KUMP – pre-order here.

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