Even for the experimental fringes he’s operates from, Wosto cuts an enigmatic, curious personality. One half of Fallbeil alongside Kluentah, whether he’s serving up edits of classic Neue Deutsche Welle bands on Macadam Mambo or experimenting with lo-fi EBM, the Hamburg-based producer has quietly gone about his business in relative obscurity.

Also committed to pushing weirder strains of electronic music, Wosto’s Terrpappe imprint continues to peddle oddball sounds distilled through a prism of discordance and grit. With shades of hip hop and industrial, ‘Gas Geben Mit Der Mofaa’, the title track from his upcoming release typifies those qualities. Translating to “Gas with the moped,” bass steamrolls through the electro framework like a runaway motorcycle, ramping up the intensity like an engine going through the gears.

Gas Geben Mit Der Mofa is out December 24th on Terrpappe.

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