Dmytrij Wulffius’ photography inhabits a cold and brutal world where natural and manmade environments collide. Now busy carving out a sound that mirrors his work as a visual artist, this cameo on a Banlieue Records compilation featuring likes of Nummer, D’Marc Cantu, Mir and label owner Benoit B treads a similar path to a debut effort released by Wicked Bass last Spring.

There’s a general sense of gloom pervading its predecessors, but for all its shadowy qualities, ‘Pour L’Instant Tout Va Bien’ is short on the doom. With faded chords and alluring French vocal refrain (courtesy of Jack Tezam) it’s the most genial of five tracks on show, the punchy bassline and shuffling drum patterns only adding to the organic smokiness of Wulffius’ arrangement. A heavy dose of compression dampens the luminosity of his pads, but like that aforementioned Wicked Bass release, they still emanate warmth like a patio heater at full blast during a blizzard.

The Blasphema Eternal EP is out now – buy the vinyl here.

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