Yelzin is the solo project of producer and DJ Hjalte Lehmann. You may have heard him bringing a quirky Danish charm to UK bass stylings as one half of Lyra Valenza, and retaining a virtuosity with breakbeats, his latest offering is distinctly more continental.

The record, released on his own Petrola 80 label, is chock full of bubble-gummy, sugar-rushing stabs. Nods to Eurodance and trance (which experienced resurgence in clubs just before lockdown) are clear in its pursuit of melodic euphoria. The title of the EP itself, Now That’s What I Call Yelzin, exposes the producer’s passion for the poppier side of things. Yet he also submits his tracks to syntactic mayhem and Squarepusher-style deconstructionism, breaking down every construct he feigns to establish. The sampledelia of Future Sound Of London and the effervescence of vaporwave are also present.

But above all, the most notable aspect of Yelzin’s style is his triumphant use of melody. Repeatedly on this four track EP, and especially so on ‘Hammertone’, he uses it to reach a weeping climax when ecstasy wells up to intense melancholy. When clubs reopen, we’ll need music like this for dancefloor catharsis.

Now That’s What I Call Yelzin is out October 23rd on Petrola 80 | Pre-order here

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