Here we are, talking in High Digital once more. Got the third release, a wicked offering from a newish badboy label putting out scruffy, glitchy, gleefully weird sounds from all round the IRL. A doozy of a rekker from Uruguay via Barcelona, you can almost hear irreverent, boisterous Spanish rave and makina across YOZY‘s tracks. High energy, fearless, tight numbers which move, she declares her music as centred around the tenets of “self-knowledge, kindness, and of course police abolition”.

A great fit for HD, Heartcore takes a level of irreverent internet fluency with slight nods to AYA or PC Music. Fully filled and direct dance. 24/7 sub-puffing and nasty, but with a sensitive current also. It’s all turned up too, hyperreal to the point of melting. Mutant sadboy kuduro with jump up tremors, reflective and gleefully out of tune; Memphis rap meets drum & bass like some lost Metalheadz dream, low-end slamming into the red throughout.

Slamming kicks and rim sound out a heavy tick tock on ‘Gabbertone II’. Plaintive violin gliss gives way to a twiddling digi motif; syncopated, noodling organ (possibly reminiscent of this?), locked into conversation with the blasting kicks; paranoid and skittering, a snare twists the flow into a sort of dark-n-fast dembow. Quite separate components winding in and out of the spotlight, it becomes a sum greater than its parts.

Heartcore is out September 30th on High Digital | Pre-order here

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