Germany has been bubbling with a fresh resurgence of whacked out bass manoeuvres; Detroit-gazing Euro interpretations of electro, booty bass and raunchy house numbers you’d expect from Dance Mania in its prime. Arriving through the likes of Elevated Jit and Frankfurt’s Die Orakel, Berlin newcomer Pace Yourself now enters the ring in earnest, inaugurating its imprint with a slab of skittering numbers from Potatoheadz founders, YS.

Amongst the digital native melacholia, varying rave baselines and “urban emotions,” ‘Future’ sounds like a ’90s prophecy of bass music to come. Skipping vox, snapping snares and swirling, sci-fi atmospherics are all pinned down by true breaker vibe and glued indefinitely together via hardcore bassline synth. As goes that so-called 20 year rule on the cyclical nature of culture, fashion and music, we have successfully made the jump back to future, and it feels good.

Music Angel is out January 28th on Pace Yourself – pre-order here

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