CHIWAX enlist the services of Andreas Gehm as they ready another Chicago-referencing 12″.

The German RAWAX imprint has shown no signs of slowing down from a seemingly never-ending flurry of releases. Announcing yet another for their CHIWAX subsidiary yesterday, we’re set for another busy year from a label actively preserving the raw, unadulterated approach to dance music synonymous with the Chicago scene of yesteryear. Next off the production line is a seventh contribution to the vinyl-only ‘LTD’ series, as acid wizard Andreas Gehm takes the reigns with a little help from Italian duo, Hard Ton.

Featuring the sort of synths that make you feel like a secret agent on a mission, Andreas’ original could double as the soundtrack to a 303-fuelled edition of Goldeneye. Rarely do you find an acid cut that ranks up there with the best Chi-town has offered up over the years, but this definitely comes close. It’s actually ridiculous how much it sounds like some lost Frankie Knuckles track.

Hard Ton have also offered up a heavy duty remix, beefing up proceedings with some rolling kicks and pitching the vocals down to an ominous growl. Occupying the B-side are another two interpretations of the original: a different Andreas and Hard Ton version, entitled the ‘Oldschool Is The New Nuschool Mix’ (we’ll let you join the dots on that one) and an unruffled, playful take from regular Einzelkind conspirator, Robin Scholz.

CHIWAX007LTD is out next month in 12″ format.


A1. Andreas Gehm feat. Hard Ton (Original Mix)
A2. Andreas Gehm feat. Hard Ton (Hard Ton RMX)
B1. Andreas Gehm feat. Hard Ton – We Came Here To Jack (Oldschool Is The New Nuschool Mix)
B2. Andreas Gehm feat. Hard Ton (Robin Scholz RMX)

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