With eight months since the last West End Communications release, it was about time the intriguing imprint announced a third record. Unclear as to whether the label goes out of its way to blood fresh talent, a release from the “faceless” Perth Drug Legend is set to be followed by a full debut for nineteen-year-old Glaswegian, The Burrell Connection.

Opening with ‘Articulate’, it doesn’t take long to get to grips with what this fresh-faced producer’s all about. Rolling, opulent synth washes are fastened in place by a sturdy kick drum, while an ‘Alternative Mix’ provides a more expansive take on the original, giving the synths room to breath amongst an arrangement of claps and hats.

On the flip a vigorous framework is juxtaposed against some luxurious, but seemingly pensive synth work on ‘Morning Detroit’, while soaring textures take the lead on the penultimate track, with a razor-sharp framework in place to keep the melodic elements from floating away.

Named after a Glaswegian art gallery (the Burrell Collection), this rising talent is crafting house tracks with poise and maturity way beyond his years. In terms of a background, we haven’t got much go on. Not to worry though. The guys at West End Communications clearly trust his music to do the talking, and who can blame them?

Pre-order WEC003 in 12″ format here

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