Lux Rec sign up Parisian Momentform for their first release of the New Year.

If you hadn’t been properly acquainted with Lux Rec, it’s an all-vinyl record label out of Zurich. With a music policy that traverses through the annals of history, the Swiss label breathes new life into genres generally associated with the early days of electronic music. Normally associated with breaking fresh talent, November’s release from acid veteran Helena Hauff was quite out of character and the first Lux Rec release of 2015 will come from another tried and tested artist.

Channeling an 80s goth spirit and Italo disco, releases on New Ideals, Modern Tapes and Willie Burns’ WT Records have seen Ianis Lallemand aka Momentform make his mark on the cold and minimal wave renaissance. Reactionary electronic music that sprung up around rural Western Europe during the 80s, Momentform’s take on the sound appears to be informed by his work as a visual artist. This is no more apparent than on his upcoming debut for Lux Rec, where Lallemand infuses his music with a certain air of mysticism and foreboding over five tracks of eerie “minimal electronics”.

LXRC22 will be out on January 19th in 12″ format.

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