One of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets, the Eivissa Gardening & Recreation Center is a haven for anyone seeking to escape, or simply avoid, the carnage of San Antonio’s infamous Sunset Strip. Quite possibly a last bastion of the true Balearic spirit, it’s a safe space to recharge those batteries, away from the sunburns and tech house.

A regular destination on their trips to the White Isle, Public Possession founders Marvin and Valentino were charged with the task of compiling a soundtrack for the the Balearic retreat. They didn’t have to look too far afield either, calling on an all-star cast of friends and label affiliates, some of whom have joined them on their numerous visits. The resulting 14-track compilation aimed to bottle up some of that holistic feeling, complete with contributions from the likes of Tornado Wallace, Obalski, Bell Towers, Bullion and Andras.

With Chill Pill set to drop imminently, Marvin, Valentino and some of the artists involved weighed in with selections capable of encouraging physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

1. Cozumel – Cerati/Melero (picked by Andras)

First thing that came to mind.

2. СБПЧ – Тайна (picked by DJ Cat)

Easy ironic sound from incredibly creative alternative pop collective, that fits perfectly for hotel poolside highlife. Also love these pitchy sounds in second part of the track that are the same with the sound of battleship radar from the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, 1983.

3. Aurora – Aurora (Terra Mix) (picked by Bell Towers)

Stars in the sky, sand at my feet, ocean mist… how far is the horizon? 1 more Campari, please.

4. Jim Hall – Concierto de Aranjuez (picked by Martin Brugger, AKA Fazer)

This 1975 recording of the Jaoquín Rodrigo classic boasts a high-profile line-up and a solo part that seems to go on eternally (in a good way). It’s one of these songs that make you think of worse times and better times alike.

5. Ethereal Beat – Underboard (Remix) (picked by Public Possession DJs)

A long day of harvesting followed by an extended dip in the ocean, skin slightly tense from sun and salt. Manolo put some fish on the grill and Rosa played this song:

6. Toots & The Maytals – Pressure Drop (picked by P.O.P)

Don’t let them get you down.

7. L1f3style – Killer Whale (demo) (picked by RIP SWIRL)

Found this jam last year. Very chill. No Idea who this guy is, as I barely found any music of his outside of Soundcloud but this song hits the spot for me.  Especially love the weird vocal production and that I don’t understand a word. Great cover too.

Chill Pill is out August 23rd on Public Possession – pre-order here.

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