Ahead of Body Motion this Friday Raime pick some tracks to vibrate to…

Raime, senior members of the Blackest Ever Black familia, have come to carve a distinct reputation as masters of submersive atmospherics and sparse, dub-loaded sonics. Alongside this the pair are respected diggers, holding a highly informed and nuanced understanding of the UK’s broad underground and urban landscape.

With the mighty Our Versions of Their Versions mixtape released via Reel Torque earlier this year, they’ve been enlisted by London movers Body Motion down to Rye Wax to throw some light on the weirder end of dancehall – ahead of the party this Friday, they’ve kindly revealed to us some of their most guarded gems.

1. Pitbull Riddim  (Label: Dawg House, producer: Marlon Williams, 2005)

2. Cooki Monster Riddim – (Label: Baby G, producer: Trevor ‘Baby G’ James Jr, 2004)

Jamaican productions that seem to encompass the early 2000s Neptunes / Timbaland sound.

3. G String Riddim – (Label: Awful Music, producer: Lloyd ‘John John’ James Jr, 2001)

Proto-DMZ from Jamaica 2001.

4. Nightcrawler Riddim – (Label: Shines, producer: Steely & Clevie, 1998)

Steely & Clevie doing what they did best.

5. Aollo Aollo Riddim – (Label: Baby G, producer: Trevor ‘Baby G’ James Jr, 2004)

Dubious French accordion intro and title but beyond that lurks a relentlessly heavy rhythm track.

Raime play Body Motion on June 16th – buy tickets here.

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