Zèbres Records, the newly set-up, Lyon-based vinyl label put together by Frère Zèbre, presents its inaugural release with a 12” from Raymonde. Thibaut de Raymond is a fellow Lyon resident who, up until this point, has solely focused on curating the cassette imprint Mus Joura: his first excursion on wax is titled J’aime Bien Le Tonnerre, and the end product is a quirkily strange, yet oddly compelling batch of experimental cuts.

Throughout the course of the EP many different sub-genres of electronic music are alluded to, with ambient, industrial and even tribally-inflected sounds all coming into play at one point or another. ‘La Mort du Dieu Éléphant’ is equipped with animal noises, anachronistic bleeps and glitches and a very much polyrhythmic sensibility; a combination which lends the entire affair a haunting and altogether technically intriguing means of musical approach.

‘La Forte Cinq’ has a similarly hypnotic feel to its relentlessly expanding sonic landscape, with siren-like booms gradually encroaching into centre-stage territory of the track’s mix, only to fade into obscurity soon after they have reached their pinnacle. ‘Rester Près du Bord’ closes out the B-side with a plethora of subtle idiosyncrasies and nuanced additions – screeching guitar tones and hissing feedback are but a few of these accompanying trills, which lead to the track’s main, oscillating rhythm, and indeed, the EP as a whole, to finally crumble down into dust.

J’aime bien le tonnerre is out now on Zèbres Records – buy the vinyl here.

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