It’s been a strong year for The Trilogy Tapes so far, with material from Ondo Fudd, Rezzett and Four Legs – the Swedish pairing of Samo DJ and Elias Landberg – seeing the light of day over the course of the last several months. Returning to Will Bankhead’s renowned imprint, Samo DJ makes his first solo outing of 2016 knowing that even Kicked Out Of Everywhere, he can call the London label home. Already well aware of his propensity for creating a highly intriguing mixed bag, the Born Free co-founder’s latest effort is a perfect fit for the equally eclectic TTT.

We open with ‘Beeps’, a relentless ball of kinetic energy adorned with glacial, grime-esque synth lines and overdriven drums. Moving along at its own frenetic pace, this is arguably the 12″s pièce de résistance. ‘LKF’ follows, complete with hazily implemented vocals from Scott Young, whilst gradually proving itself to be an earworm of the highest order – its rhythmic repetition and sense of fluid motion are addictive to say the least. ‘Medellin’ is brimming with attitude and swagger and is likely to get bodies gyrating across any dancefloor out there at the moment.

The aptly named ‘Downer’ finds itself as the EP’s closer; a more subdued affair, with string sounds and metallic percussion helping to create a genuinely meditative sense of atmosphere. With music that is nourishing to both the body and soul, Samo DJ’s latest outing is most certainly a purchase worth making for any discernible dance music fan.

Kicked Out Of Everywhere is out now – buy the vinyl from Honest Jon’s or Rush Hour.

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