While he made his name on labels like Kompakt and BPitch Control, Sascha Funke recently entered uncharted territory with a new, expansive approach. Tapping into “trance, techno, synth-wave, post-punk and ambient,” the moustachioed man is putting a synth suite that spans horizons into particularly good effect on labels like Multi Culti, and soon, Mule Musiq subsidiary, Endless Flight.

Entitled Lotos Land, the Berlin-based producer’s upcoming release is his first full-length in almost a decade. Named after Alfred Tennyson poem, The Lotos-Eaters, the krautrock-tinged record enlists the services of Autarkic and Junto Club‘s David Wilson, with Funke seemingly bent on conjuring a drowsy dream-state akin to that depicted by the Victorian writer. Ahead of its release, he’s curated a playlist of tracks recorded in a recently reunified Berlin, circa ’89–’94.

1. Fischerman’s Friend – Let’s Panic (Hypno Style) [1989]

Fischerman’s Friend was a collaboration between Max Loderbauer, Stephan Fischer and Tom Thiel. The record came out on the label Teutonic Beats, founded by Thomas Fehlmann. One of the first electronic music labels in Berlin.

2. Beat In Time – Time [1990]

Beat In Time’s ‘Time’ was released on Low Spirit. The label became quite successful in the early ’90s with their more commercial version of Berlin Rave Techno.

3. System 01 – Paralyzed Force (Mix II) [1990]

Behind the project System 01 were Johnny Klimek and Paul Browse. On Mix II you can hear a vocal feature from Gudrun Gut. She was a founding member of the Berlin band Malaria. The record was released on Interfisch Records. In 1991, Interfish started a new sub-label, the famous Tresor Records.

4. Energy 52 – State Of Mind [1991]

The alias of DJ Kid Paul. He was one the 2 resident DJ’s of the Dub Mission parties which took place in various clubs in Berlin and later in other cities of Germany. The other resident DJ is known under the name… Paul van Dyk.

5. Futurhythm – Brain Cooler [1991]

Futurhythm was a project of Cosmic Baby and DJ Jonzon. Cosmic Baby was one of the pioneers of trance music. Jonzon was well known as a DJ all over Berlin and played in clubs like Planet or E-Werk.

6. Tanith – What Is Noise [1991]

Tanith represented the harder sound of the Berlin techno scene. His label Bash Records was founded in 1991. He played in the very first Berlin techno club called EFO and later for the famous Tekknozid Parties.

7. Microglobe – High On Hope (MDML Version) [1992]

Microglobe’s ‘High on Hope’ was one of the anthems of the Love Parade in 1992. It was released on MFS, the leading trance label at that time. After the great success of the original version, many remixes were released. The MDML Version is my favourite.

8. Tilly Lilly – Moltke Str [1992]

Tilly Lilly was one of DJ Westbam’s alter ego. He made plenty of records in that period under many different aliases. This one is one of my favourites. The record was produced together with his studio partner Klaus Jankuhn.

9. 3 Phase – Rota [1993]

3 Phase aka Sven Röhrig was involved in many projects in the first Berlin techno days. He also co-produced the famous track ‘Der Klang Der Familie’ together with Dr. Motte who was the creator of the Love Parade.

10. Horseshoe – So Closed [1994]

DJ Zky and Daniel P aka Horseshoe started their own label in 1994. Cabinet Records still exists and many of their first records were reissued.

Lotos Land is out June 9th on Endless Flight.

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