SeixlacK first popped up on my radar via the Berlin-based 777 Recordings, who in turn captured the imagination with a slew of graffiti-adorned, subterranean bangers from the likes of Orson Wells and Glynn. SeixlacK’s entry on 777 holds its head high amongst the lo-fi renaissance we’re hearing of late, delivering a booming 12″ of grainy, energetic tracks; his debut on X-Kalay doesn’t deviate from this aesthetic but does show off more of his flexibility.

A nail-biting stomper, ‘Taxes’ is strung together via a 303 that sounds like it’s been chucked down a flight of stairs and a drum machine that strains to surface from a nebulous of noise that underbellies the track. We’re in familiar SeixlacK territory here, until the haunting synths are effortlessly brushed aside by the infectious groove on ‘Amolado’ – jamming along to a noodling bass and a pacifying soundscape, the A2 cut beckons you in for a dance at the cosmic disco.

‘Sofazone’ is decisively more straight-faced than its predecessors; the melody and scattered percussion snatches your attention as the hazy atmospherics are turned down – well, for the moment at least. It clears the airwaves for an infectious and ultimately euphoric track that will make even the most refrained dancers cut loose. That break from the cassette aesthetic is short-lived though, as ‘Wintergreen’ nosedives back down to the grizzled beginnings of the EP. Riotous and driving percussion pushes things to a nicely climactic speed whilst being complemented by strung out, modulating synths – there’s even a bit of cowbell! One thing’s certain: DJs out there will struggle to come across an EP a diverse as this. A definite weapon of choice.

Bed Bug Bites is out now on X-Kalay – buy the vinyl from Juno or Clone.

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