Sometimes the less said about a label or its artists, the better. Let the music do the talking, right? That’s exactly the philosophy shared by the people behind 777 Recordings, a label that’s keen to shun dance music clichés and instead focus on what really counts. That approach appears to be working too. Just five releases deep and 777 is already being spoken about in hushed tones in smoking areas across Europe, with the likes of Sidney Reilly aka Glyn aka NGLY and Frankfurt’s rising star Orson Wells getting deserved props for their respective contributions to the label.

The latest addition to the 777 family, Seixlack is a relatively unknown quantity. You may have come across his cassette mix for Delroy Edwards’ L.A. Club Resource (under the name Innsyter), but this is the first time we really get to sink our teeth into some original productions. The aforementioned no-nonsense approach is imbued throughout the label’s curation and the debutant’s contribution is no different. Jacking drum machine workouts daubed with tape hiss and warm analogue textures, these tracks are hardly revolutionary. But in the throwaway age we live in, they do stand out. Raw, percussive and insistent there’s also something deeply cerebral about the arrangements. Sure, it’s effective party music, but the São Paulo native has also demonstrated an ability to achieve transcendent moments through his work.

Whether it’s a surge of bass on ‘Mini Folia’, ‘Charlie’ with its lo-fi aesthetic, the hefty punch of the drums on ‘Metadodos’ or the spectral pads of ‘Damas’, Vulto serves as a gentle reminder that few combine warm, fuzzy textures and rigid, staccato drums as well as 777.

Vulto is out in vinyl format mid December 2015.

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