The liner notes from Sign Libra‘s Antinote debut declare the BBC’s celebrated nature documentaries as a significant influence, and it shows. Receiving a formal education at the Latvian Academy of Music before honing her craft further with the Red Bull Music Academy, the Latvian composer’s early work drifts through the spaces between house, ambient and new age, celebrating the beauty and majesty of the wildlife explored by David Attenborough and his peers.

Balmy, intoxicating and massaging, Closer To The Equator is the perfect remedy to the recent cold snap. With much of Europe blanketed in snow until just a few days ago, the recent Antinote signing has also come through with a playlist carefully curated to banish the frosty weather. If “the Beast from the East” decides to rear its ugly head again, it’s met its match.

1. Software – Island Sunrise

This track is a beautiful blend of nature sounds and harmonious music. Because of ‘Island Sunrise’ I found out not only about the Digital Dance album but also one of my favourite labels, Innovative Communication.

2. A.r.t. Wilson – House In The Garden

In this track I like the most the memorable synth bass sound in a combination with a bird chirp.

3. Seahawks – Escape Hatch

The music of Seahawks leaves relaxing effect every time when I listen to it and ‘Escape Hatch’ is no exception. My favourite part of the track is when the saxophone begins to play a mellow melody, followed by a catchy motif of a bass guitar.  

4. Joan Bibiloni – Sa Fosca

I take this warm and at the same time cool guitar-ish track as the portray of “yin” nature. The distant sound of the whistle motif reminds me somehow of the X-files music theme.

5. CFCF – Monolith

This sensitive version of a classic house track ‘Hardcore Uproar’ by Together is one of my favourite tracks. It sounds like a fusion of many particles in a continuous dance in the atmosphere.

6. Iasos – Splash Happy

‘Splash Happy’ radiates pure and unspoiled joy. The real positive energy comes from this playful eternal-like synth melody on a juicy tropical rhythm background!

7. Vangelis Katsoulis – Whispers Of Heavenly Wildness

This is the favourite from Katsoulis. I love how the track begins as a flirty percussive samba, which gradually is supplemented by the tight sound of winds and drums and culminates with the musical dialogue between the two saxophones.

8. Ashra – Pretty Papaya

A nice laid-back tune from the album Tropical Heat.

9. Andreas Vollenweider – Mandragora

It is just one of my favourites from the amazing Andreas Vollenweider. The track ‘Mandragora’ shows you the path to the sunny side of life.

10. Wally Badarou – Amber Whispers

A refrigerating track for hot summer days from the synthesizer specialist!

Closer To The Equator is out now on Antinote – buy it direct from the label here.

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