A hotbed of gabber, and at one time at least, more UK-centric iterations of the hardcore continuum, Delft dancefloors have typically moved at a blistering 180 BPM. Once found amongst the sports apparel and swinging jaws, fractal wanderers with an appetite for ambient and goa trance also lurked in the rave. Today the gabbers reign supreme, but occupying a space where lysergic aesthetics and scuffed Air Max 90s coexist in perfect synergy, the Mirror Zone opens doorways into altered states of consciousness. Its first release, the reissue of a progressive Memphis 12″ from ’94, drops in May.

Forecasting the impending deluge, gatekeeper Spekki Webu takes us chronologically from formative years spent in the small Dutch city to the sounds that engendered MZ.

1. Just Jungle – Double Crisp

I had a cousin and her friend was into a lot of jungle and hip hop. He gave me a compilation CD called Jungle Vibes Volume 2, I was immediately hooked by all the percussion and drums in the tracks in this so called music called “Jungle”. This was definitely a basis that made me get a passion for music with percussion and especially something that made me get interested in tribal music and breakbeat.

2. Ophidian – Mantaray

I really was interested in the industrial gabber scene. There was a whole new wave coming up with artists really setting the tone with a more experimental and darker sound of gabber. Ophidian was one of those producers. Releasing music on the Enzyme Records that had a important role in this new wave of music.

3. Jon Hassel & Brian Eno – Fourth World Vol 1: Possible Musics

What do I need to say about these two musicians? I had this album on repeat for weeks and it never bored me. Its like these guys are from a different planet. The first release on Mirror Zone has a track that is heavily inspired by Jon Hassel.

4. Ralph Lundsten – Näcken Och Den Nedförda Jungfrun

Such a tripped out track this is! It has a lot of different elements. Nature sounds, trancey sounds, somehow weird with the animal taunts in it but also happy when you hear the birds sing in the track. Very good material what would fit in with Mirror Zone.

5. Bedouin Ascent – Ancient Ocean II

Very tribal shamanic track. The flute in here just gets you into a trance like a snake charmer would do. Released on one of my favorite labels from the UK Rising High Records. Good music for opening a long set somewhere in the woods.

6. DLS – Oshariputhar (Basic Mix)

This is something I would really call tribal trance, and what definitely is something that is inspiring for the label. DLS Consist of two German producers that were very active in the goa trance and ambient scene. Unfortunately one of them died in 2003. They have a great catalogue with music ranging in the likes of goa trance, ambient, techno and industrial music. Worth to check out.

7. Drum Club – Dreamtime (Space ‘N’ Time Mix)

I play this track a lot when I play at a gig. Somehow it always works. I love the mixture of tribal and trance elements in this track, especially those chopped vocals! One of the producers was a ex-member of the famous Spiral Tribe crew!

8. Alien mutation vs Indigo Egg – Another Trip In The Forest

Alien Mutation was one the projects by Jake Stephenson. Jake has a very broad discography with lots of nice music. This track is from one of my favourite albums that he made. Very trippy atmospheres. Good for a dreamy home listening.

9. Medicine Drum – Water

One of my favourite tribal/goa/trance tracks. This track just keeps going and going. Really stay’s steady and the flow in this track just wants you to dance! This is something that has been very inspiring for Mirror Zone in terms of a tribal trancey sound!

10. Panic – Last Injection

Really love this track. Good example of that ’90s rave breakbeat vibe going on in this track. This is one of the side projects of UK Producer Aubrey. With Mirror Zone having a slight nod to the ’90s this is a track that I play out a lot as well.

Beneath A Different Sun is out May 1st on Mirror Zone.

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