Released on Melody As TruthThis Is What You Get For Being Young represents Suzanne Kraft’s second solo outing on the Jonny Nash-helmed label following 2015’s Talk From Home. The album posits a full on ambient experience which proves a stark contrast to his earlier dance and disco output. Minimalist in it’s approach, the release is a far cry from the high energy, clattering drum work of his Dude Energy moniker. Offering up skeletal structures, it’s a 7-track affair with messages for those willing to listen out for them.

Opener ‘Body Heat’ proposes a series of slow atmospheric builds with elongated horn sounds forming a dirge-like soundscape. If an ambient track can be said to have a drop it occurs at the 1:40 mark as a raw untreated bass guitar line lurches forwards, giving the Philip Glass-esque piano something to cacophonously clash against when it finally emerges.

Bank’ on the other hand is juxtaposed against the drumless scape of its predecessor, bedding a series of strong kicks beneath rising synth work. Glissando bass guitar lines slide in and out of the production bolstered by sporadic palm muted guitar work. At times Kraft’s compositions can feel cold, but never clinical. An exception to this however is ‘One Amongst Others’, differentiating itself from the rest of the LP when it opens with warm, almost musac-like synths. ‘Fragile’ on the other hand offers a nod to John Beltram’s Collage of Dreams’ – the dull metallic synths of which repeat warmly constrained by their tight delays throughout.

There’s a huge amount of variety within this 7-tracker, from the mutated wind chimes and swollen sawtooth bass drones of ‘Ze’ to the whispering drums and ethereal synth counterpoints of ‘Scripted Space’. With its elongated drones and eventual build into a frenetic release of heavily gated synths, LP closer ‘Further’ proves the perfect outro for an introspective experience.

An accomplished release that a deep listen to proves restorative, Kraft’s choice in title indicates that he has a particular audience in mind. If Levon Vincent’s eponymous album was for the “ugly ducklings of this world” then Kraft dedicates this one to you: the battered millennial.   

What You Get For Being Young is out now on Melody As Truth – buy it direct from the label.

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