Borrowing their name from a flight simulator originally developed for Nintendo’s SNES gaming system, Guillaume Lespinasse and Louis De La Gorce began releasing music as The Pilotwings back in 2014. If a head-spinning debut for Brothers From Different Mothers set the precedent with its off-centre drum patterns and immersive rainforest sounds, those themes were taken even further on the following two outings. Experimenting with Japanese-tinged house, loose breakbeats and exhilarating Italo, the Lyon-based duo have become cult favourites overnight.

Next up is a remix for an upcoming Alphonse 12″ on [Emotional] Especial, paving the way for a BFDM return as Guillaume and Louis prepare to roll out their debut LP, and if the sleeve art’s anything to go by, it’s going to be really great. Ahead of that highly-anticipated album we asked the guys to select a few bucolic/ushuaïa cuts that have made a significant impression;

Les Portes Du Brionnais is out on Brothers From Different Mothers on September 30th – listen to the album here.

1. Esa – Sabela de Cuba (Afro Synth Mix)

Esa captured that 80’s Morry Kanté sound, period! The song flows very well and constantly evolves in the good direction. It’s both heavy sounding and very dynamic, which is quite rare nowadays.

2. Ambience – The Adored (Instrumental)

We bought this one few years ago at Bass Cadet Records in Berlin. It’s actually an early house record made by DJ Rap before she went into drum & bass. Nobody seems to care about it whereas it’s a real favourite of us. Warm pads + pan flute combo = instant ushuaïa love!

3. Earth, Wind & Fire – Kalimba Tree

This is absolutely not what you would expect from a EW&F song. The groove is very laid-back and gives room for this massive, phased bass. The reverse effect on the vocals makes them very special and the arrangement could go for hours.

4. The Contact – Aqua Marina (Paradise Mix)

Italian house in the early 90’s was a balearic heaven. Artists like MBG, Morenas, Don Carlos, labels like DFC or Vibraphone records are amongst our influences. This particular record is a crazy cover of a Santana’s ‘Aqua Marine’.

5. Tribute – A Kumma Ki Yidi

We’ve been playing faster and faster lately, and this song became one of our favourite uptempo jams. Made in Sweden in 1986, it has some unique percussions sounds. The guys in the studio tried to sound like African musicians and it results in a big mess! It delivers so much energy. First heard in a mix from our dear friend Sacha Mambo. Big Up Sacha!

6. Enigma – Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix)

We found this one on a burned CD from our college years haha. Those who know us are aware of our passion for old trance music. We both have been listening to trance since our early childhood thanks to 90’s compilations. Actually we didn’t dare to play tracks like this until we saw Photonz drop B.B.E’s ‘Seven Days & One Week’ in Lyon few years ago and almost cried. Since then we’ve been sharing our favourite Trance cuts, even the most borderline ones… This Enigma mix has a tribal / meditative feeling that should suit the theme.

7. DJ Normal 4 – Transcendental Training Tactics

Family affair here, as this track is going to be released on BFDM soon. Judaah – the label’s boss – is a very close friend and has great taste in music. DJ Normal 4 from Dusseldorf gave him this breakbeat jam about one year ago and we were so impressed. Deep / rave / floating beauty.

8. Tim Love Lee – The Tortoise (Sex Tags Mania NYC Mix)

The Sex Tags guys have  serious skills when it comes to create these jungle atmospheres. Unidentified primitive synths, percussive jams, fucked up recordings… This remix has it all: insane groove filled with crazy sound design and playing. By far our favourite by Mr Sotofett.

9. Menchness – Mitsubishi Song

Well this could be some early French Fries music, ghetto/twerk/booty thing! Somehow we love its bounce and Jumanji atmosphere.

10. Digimon World OST – Tropical Jungle (Day)

As our name suggests, we love 90’s games and soundtracks. Digimon World was released in 1999 on PS1 and remains one the greatest playing experiences. Listening to those marimbas while looking for Piximon in the deep jungle…

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