With a record collection that goes deeper than the average, Truly Madly has made his name mixing some of the finest breakbeat techno and hardcore you’re likely to find either side of the Atlantic with pinpoint precision. If you haven’t been properly acquainted we seriously recommend checking out his excellent DEEPRAVE™ mix series, or even better, make it down to Peckham’s Rye Wax this Saturday, where he’ll play Tasty Treats alongside residents DJ Morris and Tea Es G.

Far from the tiresome attempts to re-contextualise or update classic rave tropes for modern ears, those DEEPRAVE mixes don’t feel like your typical nostalgia trip. Dynamic in their flow and full of vitality, there’s a sense of constant evolution coursing throughout a Truly Madly blend – quite a feat when you’re virtually dealing with the same themes from beginning to end. They’re also incredibly tasteful, steering well clear of the cheese that has become as synonymous with old school rave as whistles, horns and GayGlo paint. Instead, expect selections ranging from obscure, early ’90s gems to newer productions from the likes of Klasse Records boss Luca Lozano.

The Rye Wax basement will be awash with otherworldly ambience on Saturday as breakbeats of all shapes and sizes shake the place to its foundations, but we have Truly Madly on board with a list of his favourite ‘Deepravers™’ for you to enjoy in the meantime;

Truly Madly plays Tasty Treats at Rye Wax this Saturday (September 24th) – £3 tickets are available here.

1. Liquid Sun – Rainfall

In 92 Mr C did a night at a club called Bentleys in Bognor (I think), and I got hold of a couple of tapes. He would play really amazing deep house and techno, and in those days it was rare to hear that kind of stuff played out so consistently. This was an ID off one of those tapes, a random jewel on an otherwise pretty average hardcore label.

2. Nick holder – Soundwaves

Before he went deep house Nick Holder was messing around with these kind of sounds. This whole EP is great but this is the only tune on YT. Simple and repetitive, that baseline gets into your miiiiiiiiind.

3. 100Hz – Web (In The Corner Of The House)

Sample-spotters delight this one, there’s lots going on but it def still works. Undulates between ambient and full-on deeprave. Utterly useless fact but the guy who made this fitted my floors a few years ago, but I didn’t know at the time. Just think of the reminiscing we could’ve done. Oh well…

4. X-Men – Read Your Mind

Nemesis produced so much goodness around 1990 on the Intrigue label. Deeper house and techno, but he also dabbled with breakbeats on Mutant, and carried that trademark sound through to his X-Men guise. Pretty cerebral stuff for the time, and even now I still think it sounds fresh.

5. Metronome – Voyage To The Bottom Of The Bass

DJ Welly used to play at clubs near me late 80’s early 90’s. I wasn’t into everything he played, but he did a few mixtapes in 91 called ‘The Real Welly’ with deeper mellower stuff on – those tapes were huge musical influences. It was a mission IDing all the tracks, but I got most from taking the tapes into the record shops at the time, which was a common thing to do, although they would get grumpy if you tried for more than 2 IDs. I did mean to link one of those tape recordings but I am having trouble locating it at this present time! Anyway this is one from that tape. Just the most sublime breakbeat tune, I must’ve played it a thousand times but I could still listen to it forever.

6. Clepto-Maniacs – Eros

Needs to be pitched down (and for some reason whoever put the YT vid up has recorded it on +8) but this still gets me every time. Drops, rolling bass, dreamy pads. Hip house hardcore, yo.

7. Epoch 90 ‎- V.L.S.I. Heaven

808 State used to host a seminal show on Manchester’s Sunset Radio. I would be there ready with my tape player to record it each week on a Sunday night. When this came out they caned it so much – it’s ingrained into my psyche. Big end of the night tune.

8. Norrin Radd – Sea Of Quiet

Never has a label been so hit and miss as Interactive Test. Mainly miss to be honest, but the hits are big, and although fairly understated this is one of them. Bleep, Italian style.

9. Vienna – Tell Me (Innerspace Mix)

Reminds me so much of my yoof, me and my mates used to hammer this spacey rusher. We used to buy all our new records at Eastern Bloc in Manchester in those days and I still remember the day I got this. Just devastatingly simple, stripped down to a few basic but perfectly chosen elements – all dance music should be like this. Also big at a certain nightclub called Quadrant Park, which even now 25 years on is still the centre of my universe.

10. The 2 – We Is 1

ROLLIN’. Nothing more to add really.

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