With Barcelona’s Modernisme architecture providing the backdrop, Arnau Obiols debuts his new project with a fledgling release for John Talabot’s Hivern Discs. Assuming the alias Velmondo, Obiols syphons inspiration from the font of ’70s experimentalism, drawing on krautrock, dub, industrial and post-punk to flavour the atmosphere of his impending five-tracker, Moon Gazing.

‘Moon Gazing (Drone Version)’ drafts a model for escapism. Obiols flexes a wealth of instrumentation in this cartographic sketch of influence and improvisation. Artfully carving a plaintive sonic topography, a sense of purity and sincerity acts as harbinger for this thread of invention and reinvention lingering in the remaining grooves of the EP.

Moon Gazing is out now on Hivern Discs – buy it here

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