People have been repurposing old VHS footage to achieve a chintzy, retro feel ever since medium became obsolete. Sure, the arrival of the DVD spelled the end for those chunky blocks of plastic and tape, but the VHS aesthetic is still prevalent today. It has actually become fairly ubiquitous – especially with the arrival of the ‘VHS Camcorder’ smart phone app last year – but who doesn’t enjoy taking the occasional nostalgia trip?

Technonostalgia and electronic music have gone hand-in-hand for some time, and the grainy VHS aesthetic has emerged as a fitting visual accompaniment to off-kilter, otherworldly and sometimes even ethereal productions. From Willie Burns and Legowelt‘s oddball online TV series, Relics of the Past, to a series of music videos Palmbomen produced to accompany last year’s eponymous debut album, there’s seemingly no escape from the retro sensibility. Not that we mind, however.

Like a match made in heaven, a Polish synth aficionado spliced footage demoing various retro synthesisers with some really fucking weird VHS clips. Driven by an “acute need to dig up all the possibilities overlooked by so many”, these videos show what the synthesiser is truly capable of. Whether it’s classic pieces like the Roland Juno-6, Yamaha’s DX-7, the ARP Odyssey or a rare Soviet creation, no synth was too obscure to receive the Syntezatory treatment.

Sadly it appears the site is no longer in use, but we can still enjoy the fruit of his labours;

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