Canadian maestro Dylan Khotin-Foote – known to discerning electronic music fans as simply Khotin – has decided to put out another 12″ under his Waterpark guise before the year’s end, and this was news that got us significantly worked up to say the least. The self-released SpeedLine Connect / Sun Runner plate, which saw release back in April, is most certainly one of our top releases this year – to see Waterpark deliver on the promise of this earlier record so soon was bound to raise our hopes. It gives us great relief to say that fans of the previous disc’s woozy batch of house, dub techno and breakbeat won’t be disappointed.

‘Data Orb’ has some lovely spacious vibes, with Waterpark incorporating some truly soothing synthesizer tones as things progress – evocative breaks and a variety of percussive changes are what make this A-side cut such an intriguing endeavour. This sense of wonder is incrementally reinforced by the introduction of some gorgeous sonic embellishment to the background percussion and the elongated, alternating melody, which really does come to the fore as things progress. This is the cosmic centrepiece of the entire EP, with its subtle changes sure to keep listeners hooked for the duration of its substantial running time.

On the flip we have two versions of ‘Nessie’s Revenge’ – a feeling of cushy levitation is pronounced right from the off in the first instance, with ephemeral chords hovering up top while the nostalgic house feel of this cut’s beat and rhythmic approach are consistently maintained right until it dissipates completely. Waterpark then treats us to an ambient version of the same track by dubbing things out to the absolute max – echoes, delays, reverbs and everything in between are utilised to amplify the already placid vibe of the original, and the result is a similar soundtrack to a different kind of dream.

Data Orb / Nessie’s Revenge is out now – buy in vinyl and digital format here.

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