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FR057 Ben Vince (London, UK)

Ben Vince, AKA everyone’s favourite avant-garde saxophonist, on the buttons for Fake Rolex.

“This is a mix with a lot of friends’ music as well as some stuff I’m really feeling on a more laid back tip, some light, some dark, a transition.”


Galaxian – Ambient Set / Alozi Island / Halikounas Beach

Galaxian takes a break from the neck-snapping electro to go ambient with a rare horizontal blend.


Sofay – slouching towards

Eclectic as ever, Glasgow’s Sofay traverses ambient dub abstractions, digi-dancehall, cavernous techno and plenty more.


Katatonic Silentio & OKO DJ on LYL Radio

“Cringy” spoken word, fetid noise and weirdo synth-pop, OKO DJ invites Katatonic Silentio for a PU$$Y NIGHTMARE show that has it all.


Dama & Trent – The Last Cocktail d’Amore at Griessmuehle, Berlin

Missed The Last Cocktail at Cocktail d’Amore‘s spiritual home? Live vicariously through 24-hours worth of back-to-back magic, courtesy of residents Dama and Trent.

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