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Hessle Audio on Rinse FM with Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Call Super

The 2-tracker Beatrice Dillon and Call Super rolled out on Hessle Audio will go down as one of the best electronic singles of the year, no doubt about it. It’s no secret that the latter is an equally gifted DJ either, as demonstrated here when he joined Ben UFO and Pearson Sound in the Rinse FM studio.


Bon Voyage 19 – ‘cool bon’ by Inga Mauer

The Inga Mauer-curated ‘Bon Voyage’ shows on Radio Cómeme are thematic, each programmed with a particular historical figure, person of influence or intriguing location in mind. The latest, ‘cool bon’, makes a reference to Ludwig Wittgenstein, a controversial but brilliant Austrian-British philosopher who many claim to be the 20th Century’s pre-eminent philosophical mind and the most significant since Immanuel Kant.


MDC.177 Rings Around Saturn

Man of many aliases Rory McPike assumes his Rings Around Saturn moniker for the Melbourne Deepcast series, serving up 80 minutes of “beachside bass music.”

Here’s what he had to say about the mix:

“In my own time I make a lot of bass music like digi dub, dubstep, garage, dub techno and jungle, a lot of it doesn’t see the light of day besides DJ sets or occasionally live sets because most of it is just for fun. I thought it’d be a good excuse to put together a dub inspired mix with all original music. Inside there is two remixes from this year, one Turner Street Sound forthcoming track and the rest of the songs I’ve made over the past few years. If I’m bored I’ll sometimes just make a little digi dub track as almost a practice, I like to avoid days where I do nothing and if I can’t be bothered getting too deep it’s a fun practice to do something that’s productive. So the mix has a few tracks I put together for fun and a couple other bits may come out at some point, covers a few bpms and will hopefully be a good one to enjoy with the devils lettuce or a drink in the sun.”


Cera Khin (LazyTapes special) on NTS Radio

Pillowy ambience, brutal landscapes and piercing frequencies were on the menu when LazyTapes co-founder Cera Khin took to the digital airwaves for esteemed broadcaster, NTS.


Scott Fraser Live @ Reflective Industry, Rye Wax 18-11-17 Part One

Just over 2 hours recorded from the first edition of Reflective Industry, the brand new Sunday session Crimes of the Future and Body Hammer man Scott Fraser is putting on monthly at Rye Wax. Going beyond the realm of club music, check out a playlist of tracks that inspired his latest venture here.

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