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Dekmantel Podcast 263 – Low Jack

Synapse-firing, bone-rattling experimentalism from Low Jack as the Parisian jumps Dekmantel‘s mix series with a forward-facing blend.


Buttechno’s “dedication to Boris Deart” on NTS

One of Russian electronic music’s foremost purveyors paying tribute to one of his forebears.

“Boris Deart (real name Boris Monastiryov) was a Russian composer active in the 80s and 90s who described his own works as “romantic spacesynth”. After spending his early career years in the role of session musician, Boris switched to solo works, composing his own original music, as well as recording sounds and producing tracks for other artists and collectives. His most popular composition ‘Ecology’ featured at the Soviet TV. After releasing several solo albums he started having financial difficulties resulting in a loss of his production studio in 1997. His family broke up when he started drinking heavily, while working as a taxi driver. In December 2005, aged 39, he was found dead in his Moscow apartment. With the help of Boris Deart’s brother and local enthusiasts we have found unreleased music of this unrecognised and underrated composer, which I am happy to share in a form of this mixtape.” Buttechno


Left Alone. 36 → SOUVENIR

London duo Souvenir playing music from the likes of Jordan GCZ & Dreamcast, Seefeel, Monolake and A3 for the Left Alone mix series.


Rinse France: Illegal Tapes Takeover: Daniel 58

Parallel Minds co-founder Daniel 58 goes from bass-heavy hybridism to techno and golden era drum & bass.


ML516: Patience

Fledgling New York label Patience turn in a graceful, contemplative mix of horizontal sounds for Mitamine Lab.

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