Andras Fox and John Tanner are Wilson Tanner, the duo responsible for a fifth release on the Hamburg label, Growing Bin Records. Described in the accompanying press release as “another journey into the heart of the horizontal,” 69 is indeed what one would describe as an adventure of sorts: an ambient expedition which really does aim to leave the listener becalmed with its meditative depictions of the sun, sky and nature in general, and does so with a great deal of creative vision and success.

Opener ‘Sun Room’ sets the tone for the rest of the record, with its smooth instrumentation and at-a-standstill feeling of deep introspection. ‘Long Water’ follows, accounting for the slightly more melancholic side of the LP’s emotional state, with yearning clarinet and poignant piano really encapsulating an air of nostalgia and deep contemplation. The record’s true standout though has to be ‘Further Than Your Headlights’, where the duo manipulate pensive guitar tones alongside beautiful synthesiser chords and other static sounds, for a truly wistful experience all round.

The entire release washes over its listener with a relatively brief running time of just over half an hour, although the moods and musical avenues which are explored throughout its duration are abundant. This is a thoroughly deep and evocative LP, and with its focus on the naturalistic side of our lives, it could prove to be one of best releases to immerse yourself in this summer.

69 is out now on Growing Bin Records – buy the vinyl from Juno or direct from the Growing Bin store.

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