Countless tributes from friends, fans and peers have emerged since the awful news of Andreas Gehm‘s untimely passing began to spread – something that speaks volumes of the man as an artist and a personality in the electronic music community. The heartfelt response has really been quite touching. For those of us that didn’t know Gehm intimately, his endearingly candid and sardonic presence was a regular fixture in the Facebook news feed and I’m sure many would agree that he touched our lives beyond the music.

Releases on labels like Bunker Records, Mathematics Recordings, Solar One Music and I Love Acid saw Gehm emerge as a force to be reckoned with at the controls of a 303. Acid isn’t all he was known for though. On the back of hearing this awful news, we took a moment to cast an eye back over his substantial back catalogue. Excavating what we thought were the finest cuts from a career that spanned a decade, we believe our selections successfully traverse the various shades, styles and monikers of Andreas Gehm, taking us from electro and minimal techno to acid house in just 10 tracks;

1. Andreas Gehm – Heaven & Hell

What better way to start things of than with some jacking acid house? This one appeared on Posthuman‘s I Love Acid imprint earlier in the year.

2. Manager_111 – My Psychothrill Babe

Echoes of DBX’s ‘Losing Control’ with the Pukemaster at the peak of his powers. Minimal techno was hardly Gehm’s forte, but he made it his own here.

3. Andreas Gehm – What’s On UR Mind

“What’s on your mind when you go to sleep?” In the case of Andreas, we’re guessing Photoshop and vintage Roland gear.

4. Pukemaster Gehm – Pukemaster

Acid-tinged electro with real destructive potential. Those sustained synth notes are simultaneously eerie and inviting.

5. Elec Pt.1 – Drei Chinesen mit dem Acidbass

Insistent, marching rhythms and more of those 303s, featured on a split release with The Exaltics.

6. Elec Pt.1 – By The Stars

More early Gehm material, this time in the shape of a laser-guided acid workout. Repetitive, but rarely a dull moment.

7. Elec Pt.1 – Acid Is The Reality

The track title says it all.

8. Elec Pt.1 – I Am Not A Freak

10 years of Andeas Gehm productions and he never wandered far from those menacing acid tracks. Here’s an example of Gehm’s early work, the 303s thrashing violently against overdriven drums.

9. Andreas Gehm – Solar Two

Simple and unadorned, but oh so very effective. Stripped-back business with rolling volleys of kick and tom and a meandering acid line, pulled from a split release with Helena Hauff.

10. Elec Pt.1 – Summer Time in Coloniae

We finish things off with a track that venturing into slightly more serene territory than the majority of Gehm’s output. Captivating stuff, from the horizon-wide synth washes to the bubbling 303s.

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