Taking cues from free jazz and the Italian tradition of bleak, moody techno, Healing Force Project has experimented with structure and texture on labels like Berceuse Heroique, Firecracker and Wicked Bass. With simmering acid lines, discordant electronics and reverb-soaked percussion, the latest effort is furnished in typical HFP style, but his musical influences are unsurprisingly wide-ranging. A six-tracker of horizontal, broken techno, it will be out soon on On Board Music, but ahead of its release, the media-shy producer has put together a playlist of music that has served as recent inspiration for his own creative output.

1. File Arkh_06v2. WAV – Track 03

I know, the title is a bit complicated, but I can assure you that this 7” is a real introspective journey towards dub reminiscences. Dark, but with an experimental incipit that makes it warm and enveloping for sure.

2. Leo Anibaldi – 94-96

One of the greatest protagonists of the Roman techno scene. This is a work that reflects the dual compositional soul of him. One track is a pure percussive techno trip, and I’m talking about ‘Aeon Fusion 1’, while ‘Evocation Part.2’ is delineated on the pure ambient delight.

3. Tullio De Piscopo – Suonando la Batteria Moderna

In this case, we are talking about of one of the biggest jazz drummers still active and rampage.
Within this project, we find many jazz, rock and especially funk beats. From ‘Samba Carnival’ to ‘7/4 Rock’, we can perceive the eclecticism and versatility of a true master drummer in its most varied forms.

4. Seefeel – Fracture/Tied

We have to go back a bit with this record too. It’s the 1994, pure experimental and UK style, but we can reach some variations about it. In fact with this 10”, there are a feeling with industrial and breaks moments, especially in ‘Fracture’.

It was the unmistakable style of the Warp.

5. Terje Rypdal – Odissey

For those who know ECM sound, it’s really hard not to mention this masterpiece. The early seventies saw birth many of these immense artists, and for me Terje, undoubtedly is one of them. Known as guitarist, he has always had a dark derivation in his productions. In fact, he is a lover of psychedelic and this is a characteristic that influences him always, and this project confirms it.

6. Paul Jackson – Black Octopus

From the guitar to bass. Paul’s style, in my opinion, is still one of the best methods for contemporary and electric jazz. Warm, raw and absolutely funk. These are the three perfect ways for a great bass player like him. ‘Funk Times Three’ is something beautiful, but the rest is simply amazing!

7. Toni Esposito – La Banda del Sole

It was first mentioned in Tullio De Piscopo, and of course remaining in Naples and with the Mediterranean sounds, we can’t forget Toni Esposito. Believe me, never jazz fusion has been produced in such a spiritual thing.

A note of merit about the participation of Pharoah Sanders and Leon Thomas in the track ‘Hum Allah, Hum Allah, Hum Allah’.

8. Chasing Voices – Acidbathory/Hive

A veil of mystery lies on this US producer. It was my first release that i’ve heard about this monicker. Obscure synth lines, slow and thrilling to the unknown.

9. Material – Memory Serves

A band headed by the great Bill Laswell on bass. If we see the group inside, we can discover Henry Threadgill on sax alto and the immense Sonny Sharrock on guitar. This man worked with the greatest ever like, for example, Miles Davis especially in the electric period (seventies like period)

From dub to rock with a psychedelic feeling, it’s a mixture of styles with a touch, of course, of madness.

10. E.R.P – Pith

Favourable period for the electro tunes ! Finally, it was out, like reissue, this gem. There’s a nice feeling with dark sounds and breaks structures inside this record. All is well done and when I play it, I think to be on a space base ready to take off.

The Visual Alterity EP is out September 29th via On Board Music – pre-order direct from the label.

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