Project Pablo, Keita Sano and Scientific Dreamz of U feature on Richard MacFarlane’s ‘Upfront’ mix. 

Listen to an hour of unreleased 1080p material, courtesy of label owner Richard MacFarlane and the Boiler Room.

1080p have been grabbing headlines for about a year with a glut of cassette releases exploring the quirkier side of dance music. Maybe a little outlandish for less adventurous listeners, the Vancouver-based label has traversed through a musical soundscape that leaves listeners anticipating the unexpected.

For the fifteenth instalment in the Boiler Room’s ‘Upfront’ series, 1080p boss Richard MacFarlane has thrown together a blend of unreleased material. Running at just under an hour, it’s guaranteed to catch you off guard on more than one occasion (at one point things do descend into chaos with a head-spinning drum’n’bass number from DV-i).

From OOBE’s mutant techno to the new age-inspired constructions that put Lnrdcroy on the map, 1080p seem to have an obsession with the peculiar. With fresh material from several familiar faces (Via App, Project Pablo, Neu Balance and MCFERRDOG) and a few new recruits gearing up to make their 1080p bow (including Mister Saturday Night alumni Keita Sano and NTS regulars Scientific Dreamz of U), Upfront #15 takes you on a journey through a world of low slung beats, engrossing atmospheres and off-centre grooves.

Keep an eye on the 1080p Soundcloud page to stay up to date with future releases.

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