Rory McPike has released music under several different guises. From ambient transmissions as Rings Around Saturn to vivid expeditions under the everyman moniker of Dan White, the Melbourne native has established himself as an accomplished producer with talent beyond his years. Growing up in a leafy and often mundane suburb left McPike with plenty of free time to hone his craft, and it shows.

By his own admission, the Aussie is supposedly still finding his feet as an artist. That said, the latest offering showcases yet another dimension to his growing discography as the prolific producer delivers a moody four-tracker for fellow Antipodeans, Cult Trip.

Assuming his 2200 alias for the first time, the Killed By Deaf EP explores darker moods than previous McPike releases. Kicking things off with a druggy quagmire of gooey acid lines and drums that fall somewhere between sluggish and muscular, the title track is a relentless introduction to the 2200 sound. It’s gloomy post-punk stylings on ‘Outlaw’, as thrumming guitar is juxtaposed against a backdrop of shimmering, discordant synth, and to excellent effect. It’s unadorned and despondent, but the downcast tones won’t keep your head from nodding along.

You can definitely feel some of McPike’s early influences seeping through on the flip. The imprint left by the IDM of earlier Warp releases can be heard in spades on ‘Technocracy’ as a bubbling framework coalesces with soaring textures into an emotive techno trip that swells like the tide. Vigorous and aggressive, ‘The Rig’ doesn’t take any prisoners. Reminiscent of the sort of subaquatic fare Gerald Donald is known for, a formidable, rumbling low-end underpins the swirling electronics. It’s a fitting end to a record that won’t be leaving my bag any time soon.

Killed By Deaf EP is out now and available in both vinyl and digital format.

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