If you weren’t already aware of Crucial & Fresh, you best get acquainted. Specialising in “future-proof” house while cramming their sets with an evocative exoticism that also defines a semi-regular radio show, these guys don’t fuck about. Ahead of a second edition of their New Business party, we asked the duo to pick 5 essential classics that never leave their bag (crucial) and 5 new tracks that have caught their attention (fresh).

They duly obliged and the end result is a selection best heard taking a catamaran cruise around an idyllic network of tropical islands, cocktail in hand. We know that isn’t achievable for most, so a pint of lager in your living room will probably have to suffice. Just use your imagination and the tunes will do the rest.

Whether it’s classic Chicago house, leftfield percussive arrangements or an assortment of engrossing tropical jams, the selection is brimming with a balmy effervescence. It should whet the appetite nicely for their upcoming party, and with Blind Jacks Journey boss Luv Jam and the analogue-obsessed disco maverick Massimiliano Pagliara getting involved, it isn’t to be missed!

Crucial & Fresh are playing The Pickle Factory w/ Massimiliano Pagliara & Luv Jam on March 24th – Buy tickets here.

Check the playlist above for tracks 1-9.


1. Chris Brann – Journey To The Centre

A beautiful piece of house music from 1997 on London’s very own Peacefrog Records, as soon as it was heard it was bought and in the bag, definitely not a peak time record but powerful none the less.

2. Marshall Jefferson – Open Your Eyes (Celestial Mix)

Heard this one in a basement at the renowned Body Hammer party. Classic house with a tribal twist. Complete with running water samples, wait for the congas… “Raise your hands if you understand.”

3. Manabu Nagayama & Sochi Terada – Low Tension (Utopia Mix)

It happens every now and again we both buy exactly the same record at the same time. This was just one of those occasions. Normally means it stays pretty crucial record bag ballast for a while. Always buy something if it has ‘Utopia Mix’ in brackets after it.

4. ESS O ESS – Cantilate (Chida Remix)

This one’s been in the bag / stick since it was kindly gifted to us by Chris Stoker of ESS O ESS and Not An Animal Records. If you ever get a chance to play this, play it, as its a guaranteed killer. Given the Chida remix treatment it’s Out on Not An Animal.

5. Pan Solo – Jungle Falls

If you’re into pan pipes and happy sounding drums this is the one for you. it never leaves the bag. Out on brother Ben Mansfield’s Cosmic Pint Glass.


6. Don’t DJ – Southern Shore

This is a new one, from Durian Brother Florian Meyer, the “cyclical forms induce some blissful trance state.” This one heavily contravenes “4.2 and 4.8 of the EU Harrison jungle sound directive.” We don’t even know where to begin with the artwork for this.

7. Ponzo Island – Super Koto (Andras Fox Rmx)

One of the many fantastic Australian exports. Sadly there’s no info about the artist what so ever, and we’ve never played this one out, but we cant wait to. Fantastic art to boot. This one gets the Fox mix treatment.

8. Vangelis Katsoulis – Enigma (Young Marco rmx)

Another double whammy track, this sums up everything thats right about Young Marco. It’s a Vangelis remix too. This will be making some outings this summer, mostly in the afternoon.

9. Selvy – Wishing Well”

Selvy‘s prolific string of releases sees him producing a varied mix of sounds. This was an instant hit for us. Out soon on new label No Bad Days run by the affable Jake Hollick. Definitely a label to keep an eye on.

10. Project Pablo – Warm Priority

This one is both warm, fresh and straight into the bag, from another Crucial & Fresh staple producer. We love this production on this, hard enough to keep the floor going, soft enough to relax the vibe.

Crucial & Fresh are playing The Pickle Factory w/ Massimiliano Pagliara & Luv Jam on March 24th – Buy tickets here.

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