In a recent Digital Tsunami interview, they credited Phillippe Hallais, AKA Low Jack, with being “partly responsible for the nightlife climate in Paris.” Inverted Audio nominated him as the single artist they would pick out of the abundance of French talent from the last decade. He’s clearly revered and prolifically busy – regularly turning out mixes for websites, productions under various guises, running his own superb label, DJing constantly and hosting a monthly acclaimed show on Rinse France, the man seems tireless and essential in this world of genre-bending, experimental techno. An alumni of labels like The Trilogy Tapes, LIES, BFDM, Bokeh Versions, and PRR! PRR!, it’s likely he has the chops for the props.

As varied as you would expect, he’s handpicked five of his favourite French producers. Opposing strains of French rap, taut and chilly lo-fi house, chattering sci-fi industrial oscillations, Low Jack’s fingerprints are all over these.

A gentle reminder that you can hear the esteemed DJ play down at Five Miles for our party with Leif on Saturday 16th June – early birds are gone, £7 tickets on sale here (more OTD).

King Doudou

We love King Doudou’s productions here at Editions Gravats, he has been around for many years now, beat-making for people like PNL, Bad Gyal, Ms. Nina, Jamez Manuel, amongst many, many, many other rappers.



E-Unity is French, based in Paris, but ironically I heard from him at the first place thru Lee Gamble and Simone from STILL. He has released 2 EPs so far that are mind-blowing.



Massive love to my friend Abraham, who runs Mind Records. Honestly one of the hottest label in Paris right now, with a very unique approach and direction. One of his recent discovery is CRAVE. Mad stuff.


Jean Redondo

Mad love to all the BFDM crew, and to label boss Judaah. They just released this insane Various comp, where I especially love that Redondo tune.


Empire State

Debut release from Metaphore Collective, straight out from Marseille, showcasing brillantly what META is all about.

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