Jack Hamill was only 19 when his Space Dimension Controller debut, The Love Quadrant, caught the attention of the people behind R&S Records and Clone’s Royal Oak imprint respectively. The following 7 years saw the Belfast native roll out no fewer than 8 releases between the labels, delivering an outward-looking and expansive distillation of electro-funk, complete with IDM-influences, the occasional surge of effervescent, Detroit-esque melody and typically irrepressible, bottomless grooves. Now he returns to Belgian institution R&S for the latest 12″, and even those with an insatiable appetite for Hamill’s distinctive sound are due to get their fill.

Scroll through the Space Dimension Controller Facebook page and you’ll quickly realise that visual aesthetics might inspire his music as much as the sounds of Detroit or Aphex Twins’ Rephlex imprint. John Carpenter movies, Garth Meranghi’s Dark Place and… Braveheart, it seems that both television and film have left an indelible mark on Hamill’s creative output. That’s probably why he’s chosen to launch that upcoming EP, entitled Exostack, with an immersive cinema experience, taking place between 28th-30th March at South London’s Rye Wax. Created by visual artist Jacob Chabeaux, R&S founder Renaat will give an in-depth talk on the 29th, with a live Space Controller Dimension set lined up for the official launch party on the final day. 

Ahead of the Rye Wax festivities, we asked the man himself to pick few movies he’d like to screen for a taste of what to expect;

1. Event Horizon (1997)

Fantastic soundtrack and amazing effects combine to great effect in this Sci-Fi horror. Really great set design and Laurence Fishburne is always a great addition to a movie.

2. Black Hollow Cage (2017)

Fantastic new film and takes a nudge from Black Mirror in aesthetics but completely pushes it into a Twilight Zone episode. Fantastic stuff from an exciting new director.

3. Man’s Best Friend (1993)

Really silly but amazing film about a genetically modified killer dog. Lance Henriksen is incredible in this movie and its worth it for the dated effects.

4. Timecrimes (2007)

Spanish time travel thriller with a lot of mystique and a real sense in dread towards the future. Loved the pace and delivery of this.

5. Robocop (1987)

Paul Verhoeven at his very best and just so much visual splendour mixed with the satirical future of a flawed america. The TV adverts that appear in the film are a personal favourite of mine.

Rye Wax becomes an immersive cinema for the Exostack launch from 28th-30th March – buy tickets here.

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