Given how fickle our ‘scene’ can be, reaching 5 years is a landmark occasion for any record label – longevity in dance music terms can prove almost as rare as that elusive post-punk 12”, and achieving it should be seen as an victory in itself. That being said, quality control is a vital component. Luckily, Paramida’s Love On The Rocks imprint has both those boxes ticked, as demonstrated on the impending 5-year anniversary compilation.

A 16-tracker with contributions from the likes of Violet, Fantastic Man and Massimiliano Pagliara, Supergau, or “a disaster beyond all expectations,” joins the dots between house, disco, new wave and acid. It’s a snapshot of the Balearic-leaning sound LOTR has been peddling for half a decade, albeit one featuring a fairly disparate collection of artists.

Marking the occasion, Paramida took the time to highlight several of her all-time favourite compilations.

Groove CD #98/N°7 [Groove Magazine]

My first encounter with a compilation was in the 2000’s through the printed version of Groove Magazine. It would always come with a selection of different tracks from contemporary producers. It was pretty diverse, I didn’t like everything, but there was at least something for every taste featured on the CD and that was something I really liked.


Balearica 4 [Balearica Records]

Every other compilation that had an impact on me is from the time I used to work in a record store. This one for example was featured on compilation called Balearica 4 among many other amazing songs that I had never heard of. It definitely opened my heart towards disco and balearic stuff. Great compilation that I still like to listen to.


Nine O’Clock Drop [Nuphonic]

This one is on a compilation called Nine O’Clock Drop compiled by Andrew Weatherall from 2002. Weatherall had a huge impact on me and has an impeccable taste in my opinion. There are actually many different versions of this song that we all kind of know. For some reasons, I have two copies of the compilation.


122 BPM: The Birth Of House Music [Still Music]

This is a total jam and was on a compilation called 122 BPM: The Birth Of House Music by Jerome Derradji, who actually put out a few very significant early house compilations, which are all worth checking out. Like this one for instance, proto-house from 1987, something I still love to play.


Mangiami (La Compilation) [Golf Channel]

The last compilation – even that I bought – is from Golf Channel, one of my favourite labels that unfortunately stopped operating. This compilation was put out in honour of a restaurant called Mangiami in New York where they all used to hang out and party all the time. It features a lot of amazing tracks by a lot of people that I know and love. There’s also a mix CD version mixed by Tony Humphries. Definitely worth checking out, a piece of NYC’s past nightlife culture. The track that I chose is my favourite track from the compilation and I am rereleasing it next year with a remix on my label Love On The Rocks.

Supergau is out November 15th on Love On The Rocks.

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