Phoebé Guillemot always seems to revel in ambiguity of one kind or another. Her choice of primary alias, for example, is a case in point: settling on ‘RAMZi‘ rode on the idea it sounded like a form of musical onomatopoeia, and being somewhat androgynous, freed her from the shackles of gender-related expectation.

Guillemot’s music is similarly ambiguous in its sense of place. Conjuring imagined landscapes with a strange and inimitable synthesis of verdant fourth world experimentalism, hallucinatory dub, prog Balearica, lysergic sound design and tribal rhythm, a RAMZi release is nothing if not transportive. 2015’s 1080p debut to new album, cocon, the chirping cicadas and whooping gibbons seem ever-present, but we constantly find ourselves in unfamiliar terrain. Twisting familiar tropes, the balmy mutations self-coined as “twopikal bounce” have graced Mood Hut, 12th Isle and Total Stasis, not to mention her own FATi Records.

Arriving fully formed after a period of creative chrysalis, cocon was self-released complete with a baby sitar cameo from Bear Bones Lay Low. An accompanying remix album on the way, Guillemot assumes her Phubu alias – a name reserved for DJing exploits – to traverse dub abstractions, lo-fi wave, psych rock and free jazz.

cocon is out now on FATi Records | Buy it here

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