I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman review a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers each month. Here’s their ‘Best of 2017’ selection…

Cignol – Final Approach [Computer Controlled Records]

Also winner for my favourite artwork of the year, this is from the Hidden Galaxies 12” which marries classic 4-to-the-floor hardware acid against Rother-esque sci-fi electro synth lines. Seriously Epic. I expect this EP is going to be massive next year, when all the cool kids getting into proper electro discover it 😉


Drivetrain – This Is Detroit [Soiree Records]

An unexpected top choice for me, I got this as a promo and nearly dismissed it because the artwork looked so naff – never judge a book by it’s cover. It’s an acid track without a 303, and over the year it realy grew on me, until I realised I’d pretty much been playing it out nearly every set throughout the summer! A secret weapon.


The Auditor – Jack the Rhythm [Downfall]

The ‘Downfall’ crew in London run parties celebrating acid house as it was in the late 80’s – only vinyl and hardware, no frills. All the crew are veterans of the scene first time round, and the atmosphere at their nights is second to none. Proper, proper acid house party vibes. It’s one of the clubnights I’ll always try and go to as a punter if I’m nt working, and one of the best gigs of the year for me was when we joined forces in September and did a combined bash. This track is taken from the debut 12” on their label of the same name. No digital, all hardware acid tracks. 303% killer.


DJ Octopus – What’s Going On [House Crime / UTTU]

I fucking love this – such a constricted, twisted acid line set against real jacking beats. This is one one of Unknown To The Unknown’s sub-labels – and between the parent label, this and Dance Trax – it’s gotta be said they are the imprint of the year by a very very large margin. At least a dozen of their releases could have made this list.


Mike Dunn – Move It, Work It [MoreAboutMusic]

For my money – Mike is right up there with Phuture, Armando, and Marshall Jefferson as quite simply, the most important and influential acid house producers in the world. Despite a catalogue of 12”s over the last three decades, this year, he dropped only his second ever long player My House From All Angles (the first was back in 1990!) – this track is taken from that.

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