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Silicon Scally – Live at Scand

I’ve been a fan of Carl Finlow, AKA Silicon Scally, for decades now, since I first heard his Voice Stealer 12” on Subvert back in the late 1990’s. Released as a double 12” album on Billy Nasty’s Electrix imprint, these eight tracks are all taken from parts produced for a live show at long-running London electro clubnight Scand – marrying Finlow’s stark futurist dancefloor electro beats against acid lines. Top release of the month – fave tracks here are ‘Emeril’ and ‘Omegon’.


Spatial Awareness – From Hell It Came

Stripped back moody acid house on Interzone Music Club, the original sounds almost like a TX81Z Lately bassline that twists itself into a rubbery acid line, echoing through flangers, while hats shuffle themselves in and out. Proper lost-in-the-smoke-machine-haze groover. Pete Dorling’s remix adds breaks, and epic pad moments to it, and then Spatial Awareness returns with a second, more driving forward acid version.


Florian Meindl – Metroacid

Notorious hardware junky Meindl with a three-tracker of deep techno with an acid angle on Flash Recordings. The booming kick of title track ‘Metroacid’ is drenched in industrial noises while the acid line (doesn’t sound like a 303…perhaps something from his extensive modular rack?) judders from ear to ear, twisting itself into a frenzy during the breakdowns. ‘Hidden Populations’ follows on the sci-fi techno front with occasional 303 notes playing out a slow melody. FLUG’s remix concludes the 12”, but it’s the two originals that are choice here.


Rennie Foster – I Still Jack

He certainly does. Raw jacking house here from Canadian producer Rennie Foster, this is the kind of vibe the likes of DJ Haus have been rocking out of late – upfront beats, acid, and a vocal sample. The Spin Fidelity remix brings more clarity with an almost early 808-State or Vibert vibe. ‘Pistol Jack’ is a handy house tool, and the EP is completed with two other reworks of the title track. Ace stuff.


Lou Karsh – Ataraxia

Absolutely blinding 12” on X-Kalay from Australian producer Lou Karsh, straddling that magic g-spot right in-between electro and acid house. Title track ‘Ataraxia’ marries gorgeous pad sweeps and chords across solid beats and anchored with a 303 line. ‘Infrared’ sounds like Chicago house meets early UK breaks, keeps shifting between four-to-the-floor and broken beats. ‘Trouble in Paradise’ picks up the pace yet keeps it’s acid lines restrained and under layers of reverb, but pick of the 12” (and *every track is good) is ‘Robotnick’ – Paranoid London style crunch and again the shifting between electro and four-four beats. Go out and buy this one right now if you’re DJing this weekend.

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