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Cursor Miner – Bleeper 02

OK. To begin with, I have to admit some bias here. I’ve known Cursor Miner for nigh on 20 years. He played live at my wedding. We once broke into London Zoo together and tried to kidnap a penguin. I’ve released his music and he’s remixed mine. It’s fair to say we’re friends.

However, regardless of our shared history. This is – easily – the best record this month and contender for 2018 so far, for me. Out on Jerome Hill’s new imprint Bleeper, title track ‘Vampire Acid’ is a cacophonous, doom-laden trip through slow juggernaut beats, with a descending acid line cascading through reverb and echoes. ‘Thoom’ brings the DX clonk against a similar slow-mo thud, and then comes ‘Owl Massage Acid’ which is my pick of the bunch – shouts and whoops and yelps strewn across an absolute acid banger. This is Cardopusher/Heckmann territory, the sweet spot between EBM and acid house, and cursor Miner does it with aplomb.

Go and buy this record. Right now.


Useless Idea – Acid Hologram

Out on cassette and digital, Genoa-based producer Useless Idea makes his debut for Belgian imprint WeMe. The artist is a bit of a mystery, possibly hailing from Italy and just a few appearances until now on some compilations on EVES and Touched Music…?

The album is an accomplished work of prime Braindance cuts  – with heavy emphasis on ‘dance’. Seventeen tracks (most clocking in under 3 minutes) exploring breaks, techno, electro, ambient, IDM, and general weirdness – with a very heavy dose of acid running through everything. Picks for 303-laden dancefloors here are ‘Bobi Song’, ‘Toytown Techno’, ‘Selector Break’ and ‘Gabber’.


William S Braintree – Automaton

San Francisco based Braintree channelling a bit of Aphex acid here. ‘Nitro Zeus’ cut straight from Druqks-era breaks and bleeps, but holding off from the edits momentarily to give the main riff a bit of space to engage. ‘DRBOOM’ sounds like the soundtrack from a classic early 90’s sci-fi computer game put through the mangler, hints of rave poking through. Favourite is closer ‘Xanatos Gambit’ which is kinda a stretch to label as acid, the whole track juddering like it’s being played inside a metal box. Wicked though.


Kawasaki Onkyo Service – Acid Things

Apparently released by Kawasaki Onkyo Service in October last year, but has only just come to my attention recently. Eight tracks of 303 house and funk. ‘Caffiene’ wouldn’t sound out of place on a Wagon Chris album, while ‘Himitsu Doctrine’ and ‘Disturb’ have all that lush sun-faded feel from the likes of Lost Palms. My pick is the subtle simplicity of ‘Southside’ …but I’m a sucker for 606 beats every time 😉


Anna – Suzi In Transe

Brazilian DJ ANNA here with a couple of real rolling acid builders. On the opener and title track, simple but effective 303 twists it’s way in and out of a sea of reverb, with shadows of heavier sounds emerging from the mix. Head down, eyes closed stuff for the main room. ‘Impression follows suit’ but with a bit more funk and some atonal piano stabs finding their way through, while closer ‘Into The Void’ eschews the big room techno approach and finds a strange marriage of ‘90s house high-strings, electro drum-machine-beats and an almost Italo-discos style bassline.

Oddly enough, this whole EP has crossed over to the Beatport tech-house crowd, but don’t let that put you off – it’s excellent.

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