I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman select and review a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers each month…

Type-303 – The New Ravelution

Out on Timothy “Heretic” Clerkin’s new Insult To Injury imprint, this latest EP from Finland’s premier acid raver sees him in fine form. Type-303 previously released on my own I Love Acid label last summer with a sound all awash with VHS hiss and Boards-of-Canada/Lone-esque lushness. Here he steps out of the soft-focus sunshine and heads straight for the dark sweatbox dacenfloor, proper banging rave tracks that wouldn’t feel out of place in Doncaster or Blackburn back in ’92. Wicked twisting acid lines, rave stabs, and amen breaks aplenty. Absolutely stonking release – go grab it now!


The Caulfield Beats – Take It Out On Me

Now this one from The Caulfield Beats is sleeeeeaaazy. Blade Runner-esque synth sweeps and echoing bleeps drenched in reverb, soundtrack to alleyways lined with vice and flashing neon. Vocal snippets about the “whole damn city” flutter about while the bassline and kick anchors it all. The acid line doesn’t come in ’til halfway through the track but when it does, it’s counterpointed with bleeps and funky as fuck. Hottwerk label boss Spatial Awareness ups it a notch with a banging acid house rework. My favourite release of the month.


MASC – Non Stop

Disclaimer before review: one half of MASC is my own Altern 8 partner-in-crime and close friend Mark Archer: this is his collab project with Shadow Child (hence the initials in the name). I heard the tracks before they were finished and wanted to release them myself, but missed out as Jerome Hill nabbed them. I wasn’t the only label competition either, another well-known crew was interested too. That at least shows how this positive review is in good faith!

Opener ‘It’s Good’ is raw energy analogue acid at its finest, building into a total frenzy, a cacophony of voices, crashing drums and swirling synths. ‘Non-Stop’ brings the clonky DX style acid against the Chicago house beats. ‘Eye Feel’ goes harsher and more mental, before Jerome closes the EP out with his heavier take on ‘Non Stop’. I’ve already been caning these out for months and I promise they totally kill it in the club. Out now on Super Rhythm Trax.


Studio Dondert – The System Delivers

Stepping it up now, into heavy acid territory. Ghent duo Studio Dondert come correct with this 4-tracker on Kromatones. The EP opens with the title track: epic warehouse rave that’s subtle as a sledgehammer, stabs give way for Juno Alpha hoovers and and little snippets of breaks. The tempo then begins to increase across the rest of the release – ‘I Can See Clearly Now My Brain Is Gone’ is all echoing industrial hardcore vibes in the best possible way, and ‘98’ pulling no punches either, noisecore acid from the off. Closer ‘Take Four’ is another high-speed breathless juggernaut, but don’t be put off – there’s a subtle smartness to the whole affair – a cut above the standard distorted acid tekno rinse-outs. Out on lush translucent 12” now.


Hoshina Anniversary – A Cid EP

Tokyo native Hoshina Anniversary here with a white label 12” four-tracker of club-ready bangers. Operating under the radar for the best part of a decade, with a slew of underrated EPs on the likes of Boysnoize, GND and Octopus, this is his debut for Jack Dept., the label and clubnight of the same name run by Volvox and John Barera. Faves here are the title track ‘A Cid’, a stripped-back 303 and beat combo with whispers of voices smattered throughout, and ‘Vuvu’, where a single note acid stab repeats under a bed of screeches and sweeps. Ace stuff.

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