I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman select and review a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers each month…

Aftawerks – Isle Of Dogs [Acid Waxa]

Released on cassette (and download) on Newcastle’s Acid Waxa imprint, this album channels the funkier side of electronica – with some serious grooves that Global Goon or Luke Vibert would be proud of – but while heading off into more abstract and wonky directions, it keeps one eye on the dancefloor. ‘Toxic Asset Funk 2’, ‘YRG Acid’ and ‘Will’s Myth’ are the standout tracks. Wicked stuff.



Phantom Planet Outlaws – Muscles From Outer Space [Boss Tracks]

Techno and acid all-stars John Heckle, Mark Forshaw, and Binny make up the Phantom Planet Outlaws, with this 12” on their own Boss Tracks label featuring a track from each, plus the title track from their combined project. Raw, heavy, and uncompromising, with acid lines and clonking DX synths pummelling you into submission under a cacophony of crashing cymbals and rolling snares. Strong as the opener is, our favourite track on the EP for us Binny’s ‘The Return’ which sounds like Mark Broom on a particularly acidic day. Proper gear.


Happo Pistoolit – Hevi On Parasta [Snuff Cuts]

We know very little about Happo Pistoolit – they are a trio from Finland and this appears to be their only release. The name vaguely translates to “Acid Weapons” and that’s exactly what’s delivered with this two-tracker on Snuff Trax offshoot, Snuff Cuts. Twisting distorted acid lines sprawl over jacking 707 beats, with smatterings of snarling vocals. What more do you want?


Black Spuma – Onda [International Feel]

After hearing this, we looked into the artist and it was no surprise seeing Fabrizio Mamarella was involved – some of his output for labels like NEIN Records has been heavy in rotation for us for some time now. This 12”, out on Ibiza-via-Uruguay imprint International Feel, is as deep and lush as it comes. ‘Hundred Fingers Man’ is gorgeous, with 303 lines chugging underneath layers and layers of strings and pads, and our pick of the 12”, ‘Gabula’, brings the funk with doubled up acid tweaks over a foundation of breakbeats.


Affie Yusuf – Trust EP [Fina White]

A breakdancer and graf artist in Southampton in the 1980s, Affie is one of the first generation of UK acid techno, born out of free parties and pirate radio on the south coast – with releases on Ferox, Force Inc. and 909 Perversions back in the very early 1990s. He disappeared into the early tech house scene in the late ’90s (and was part of the Machine’s Don’t Care outfit) but has had a renaissance within acid circles of late – returning to his raw house and techno roots, with output on Tusk Wax and Killekill (disclaimer: we also released a 12” of his on I Love Acid in 2014).

This new EP on FINA White is some of Affie’s best material to date: ‘Sinkantuiisu’ all eastern pads and AI-era Warp bleeps, with some real funk in the 303 programming and ‘Spirit Acid’ straight up clonky acid for the dancefloor.

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