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Café Telmar

2019 has started off as a bleak year. The disaster of Brexit looms ominously; I’ve had to put my record label on hold while considering the effects of possible currency crashes and customs tariffs on an advance subscription (I Love Acid and Balkan are both manufactured in the EU, or in countries served by EU free trade deals).

And then something as daft, gorgeous, and downright happy as this comes along and blows away the cobwebs for a little while. Sunshine drenched, puntastic name (even the artwork is a play on the classics) Italian Boards of Canada-meets-Balearic, with 303 lines adrift in the hisses of old tape and clicks of low bitrate samples pitching up and down, lush stuff. A little investigation into the artist reveals a collection of different classic blank VHS tapes. Perfect antidote to the Brexit Blues.


Jozef K – Dawn Of A New Era

Out on DJ Pierre’s label Afro Acid, this five-tracker from former Sankey’s resident Jozef K is an excursion into lush, melancholic acid – a soundtrack for long drives through frozen winter landscapes. ‘Between Two Worlds’ has an almost Rephlexian 303 line, reverberating against echoing tribal beats. The title track takes that same melodic style and marries it with gorgeous soulful pads. Eyes closed stuff, simple, effective and gorgeous.


Josh Wink – Aries in Mars

As much as I prefer to try and dig for unheard and lesser known acts for reviewing, sometimes one of the big guns comes along and simply cannot be ignored. Out on his own Ovum imprint, Josh Wink takes the classic combo of 909 and 303, building up a high-energy juggernaut assault with frenzied breakbeats adding to the fray. 8 minutes of unrelenting dancefloor ammunition.


Boneless One – Dodgy Smiley

I have to admit, I really wasn’t into the opening track on this new 12” from Boneless One on the Snuff Crew-helmed label (those clashing pianos and 303 just don’t work) – but the rest more than make up for it. The slowdown sleaze of ‘What U Do’ with it’s hip-house snare fill is a proper anthem. ‘Home Raver’ continues on that low-tempo old skool vibe, all moody stabs and acid.

And then the B-Side: FIRE. ‘Crack Your Body’ is exactly the kind of raw, bleep acid house to make the dancefloor move, while closer ‘Dumpster Man’ is infectious with its cutbacks and the space in the production. Four out of five ain’t bad 😉


Glues – UHU 4

Okay, I have no idea how I found these but they are AMAZING. This whole Bandcamp page is just stripped down club tools. The UHU series is just 303 wonky triplets and four-to-the-floor beats. Complete simplicity, serious business. There are other glues, should your choice of solvent abuse differ – Pritt seems to be more DanceMania/classic Cajmere vibe bangers, while the Pattex series is all kling klang klong FM bleeps and DX goodness. Bargain prices too.

Glue, whoever you are, thank you. This shit is wild.

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