I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman select and review a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers each month…

Overworx – Overworx 2

Second release from Ben Pest’s new hardware-focused project, Overworx. Straddling techno, electro, and rave – this is seriously hyperactive dancefloor music, full of edits and jump cuts yet never losing the groove. Cut by Radioactive Man at Curvepusher and sporting two bonus digital tracks, this one’s for fans of Si Begg and Neil Landstrumm.


Manor House Boyz – Temple of Set EP

Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax continues to stand head and shoulders above all contenders. Bringing four tracks of absolutely top-notch electro acid, Manor House Boyz is a brand new collaboration between No Data Available and Matt Whitehead. Title track ‘Temple of Set’ and B-side cut ‘Sahara’ set Middle-Eastern style pads against analog drums and a cacophony of bleeps. The anthem here, and the one I can see getting caned out though is the A-side opener ‘Full Resonance’ –  that 303 opened right out, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Bangers all.


Brainwaves – Caustic Dance

Various artists 12” from the Brainwaves collective in Switzerland, lots of crazy IDM electro infused with 303 lines throughout. ‘Catch 23’ by Tout Casser keeps the acid constricted and tight under clattering electrobeats, whereas ‘Disease’ by Weith gets things going high tempo and edit-filled. Hemeth’s ‘Am I A Joke To You’ is the big dancefloor heavy hitter here with Rother-style big epic notes and squealing acid hits combined, while closer ‘Maglev’ by Estebahn twists up breakbeats and acid lines Aphex style. Superb.


Dircsen – Acid Wheel

I honestly thought Soundtravels had closed it’s doors ages ago – the first 7 releases came out back in 2013 and 2014 and it’s been quiet ever since. Those first releases are of an assured, excellent quality (the Orlando Voorn and Neotnas efforts are my personal faves).

Consequently, I was quite surprised to see this turn up in my email inbox! Dircsen was responsible for one of the best acid tracks of 2008 on Beef Recordings, and is back again with an absolutely superb EP of classic sounding (but not throwback) acid house and electro. Title track ‘Acid Wheel’ would sit well against any Jared Wilson or Paranoid London bassline, while the electro take on ‘Trace of Dialect’ is both robotic and soaked in emotion simultaneously. Not a duff track on the whole EP, the artwork of an open road fits perfectly with the drifting, soundtrack vibe throughout. This is my choice release of the month.


Modulhater – Velodrom EP

Modulhater is the new moniker from Thomas Papay of Le Diktat. While there are still elements of his EBM techno and electro background and previous releases on Strasbourg’s noise/industrial imprint Audiotrauma, this new release bring a more dancefloor sensibility and a little bit of jack into the mix. Apparently the whole release was written on hardware with no computers involved at all. Fave here is ‘Obstruct’ which starts off spacious and moody before erupting into an almost Italo disco bassline while keeping the dark EBM vibe throughout.

Oddly, this is out on Strasbourg-based hip hop/scratch tool/repress label Beatsqueeze. On Bandcamp it says pre-order but the tracks are already available.

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