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Overland – Forever In Transit

MONSTERS. Canadian DJ and artist Overland here on Violet‘s Naive label. Opener ‘Anxiety’ is just that: unrelenting, unforgiving acid techno, 303 lines ripping through distortion with sweeping stabs sounding like they are trapped underwater, drowning. ‘Virtuous’ carries on with the same energy. B-side calms down a bit, slowing the tempo and bringing forward lush pads on ‘Trance Dream’ before closer ‘Transit’ properly chills things right down, offering a melodic outro to an EP that starts off so furious. Excellent stuff all round.


Lauren Flax – One Man’s House Is Another Woman’s Techno

Sometimes the hype gets it right. Detroit-born, Brooklyn based Lauren Flax has an enviable résumé, as a producer for numerous major pop stars and one half of trip-hop outfit Creep. Of late, she has been picking up serious plaudits for her raw, jacking acid house & techno output, plus her DJ sets across north America and across the pond at the likes of Berghain / Panorama, Wild Renate, and Hidden.

With this, her debut on New York’s notorious Bunker, the A-side title track is a banger – all 707 toms, flanged claps and snare rolls. On the flipside, the acid kicks in for both tracks – again raw Roland drum jams, 303’s, deep bouncing flanged beats, and on B1 is the vocal refrain “WORK WORK WORK YOU HAVE TO WORK” (not sure where it’s from but it sounds like Sigourney Weaver to me..Aliens? or maybe Working girl..?).

Best release of the month. Music for jacking.


Type-303 – Back To Lush

Scandinavian acid hero Type-303 is someone whose tracks I absolutely adore. He did a 12” for me on I Love Acid a couple of years ago, and since has had killers on Downfall, Insult To Injury, ProForm and more. Here he debuts on Australian label Brain Food, unleashing more of his signature reverb and sunshine-drenched productions. Think Boards of Canada meets Lone, but with a much more old skool rave approach. ‘Blue coast’ is my favourite here but all three tracks are great. It comes with two remixes that are undoubtably dancefloor friendly but lack the nostalgic touch of the originals. The EP name is completely on point. Back to lush. Summer anthems all.


Dense & Pika – Hands Up

Out on their own offshoot label ‘Kneaded Pains’ this is right at the tuff end of D&P’s output. Just the title track and an acid remix – which is the killer one for me. I’ve played this out a few times now, it’s fierce – stripped back driving beats and garbled voices shouting ‘Hands Up’ with a nasty-as-fuck 303 line. Proper weaponry.

The artwork looks like a vinyl label but I think it might be digi-only. Out now.


Dennis Quin – Basiszuur

I charted this EP a couple months back but it’s only just found itself in the public realm as of now – new one from the consistently-excellent Amsterdam producer Dennis Quin. Sparse but funky, the whole EP combines rawness with so much space to work with – the title track has no acid, just a single repeating note across rhythms; but the 303 kicks in for ‘Mode Section’ with 808 beats and cowbells, while Arabian-style notes twist throughout. ‘Love Peace’ follows on the same minimal approach, a single acid note scattering and juddering through various effects over heavy house beats.

Out on Soft Computing, which I think is part of the UK South Coast Unearthed Sounds crew (or at least distributed by them) who have been responsible for some of my favourite new releases of late.

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