I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman pick a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers from December.

Transparent Sound – No Call From New York

True veterans of the dancefloor, Martin Brown and Orson Bramley have been pushing their own unique take on electro as Transparent Sound for over 20 years now. This outing on Billy Nasty’s Electrix label (12” is out in January) is one of their best for years, delivering epic sci-fi darkness with squawking acid squeals over ominous pads and terrorising 808 beats. The remixes take it off in various electro directions, but it’s the original here that holds all the cards. Absolutely superb.


Lake Haze – Aranhas EP

This one’s out on Photonz’s One Eyed Jacks label (which I actually thought had possibly been shelved, since I hadn’t seen a release from them in a year or two). I nearly skipped past it after hearing (and not liking) the first track, which is admittedly pretty dreadful, but I’m glad I delved further. The rest of EP contains some total killers: ‘Aranha Vermelha’, twisted acid over a chorus of toms, all slow raw and heavy as fuck; ‘Aranha Negra’ goes all DX with it’s acid; closer ‘Rush Hour’ drops the acid altogether, but is a monster anyways. Worth noting – Aranhas is Portugese for Spiders, and this release lives up to that name.


Subtenant – Artisanal Acid EP

Out on Love Notes (from Brooklyn), this EP from NY native Subtenant opens with the lush ‘Evergreen’ vocal snippets drift over a stabbed acid bassline and noodling organ solos, with D’Marc Cantu applying his own touch on the remix. The title track ‘Artisinal Acid’ takes a more direct approach, breakbeats straddling a four to the floor kick and bang-up-for-it acid line meets clattering snares. Closer ‘Know How It Feels’ moves into deeper territory, finishing off an all-round excellent release.


Paranoid London – White Label 001

Acid doesn’t get much better than the Paranoid London boys right now, injecting a sense of punk back into the scene that is often lacking. Their bite is as bad as their bark too – pulling no punches in their live shows and often drinking enough to kill a football team (they were recently barred for life from Panorama Bar, ejected after their set, coming off stage to a cheering crowd).

A two-tracker white label, A-side’s ‘Give It The’ is their signature dirty analogue sound, equipped with gurgling bass and a repeating voice motif, while on the flip, ‘Our Man Though’ channels a certain acid legend (say the name out loud…). This is proper gear.


Andrew Red Hand – Beware of the Red Hand

Without question, one of my favourite labels right now, this is the fourth release on 1Ø PILLS MATE (one of the many clandestine offshoots of Lobster Theremin) and it fucking delivers. Opener ‘Symphony Number 303’ marries multiple sweeping acid lines drenched in reverb and cascading delays over jacking analogue beats. On the flipside is where the real action is though – ‘Deranged’ and ‘Militant Acid’ living up to their track titles: track down a copy of this on wax RIGHT NOW.

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