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Boneless One – Pixelae Destructium EP

Out on Belfast’s Computer Controlled Records, an imprint that is low on quantity (only 5 releases in 3 years) but very high on quality, with previous outings from Mark Forshaw and TX Connect the pick of their back catalogue. Boneless One is a bit of a mystery, with a biography hinting at being a skateboarder since the mid 80’s and a love of “crappy vintage gear”… but there are some connections with John Heckle and company, with previous releases on one of Tabernacle’s sub labels. This EP is four tracks of no-frills analogue acid: raw, to the point and uncompromising. Opener ‘Acid Chops’ is the likely dancefloor destroyer that will pick up the most plays, but there are subtleties in ‘Sonarr’ which make it our pick of the four. Superb all round.


Castor & Katz – Luv Bizness

A significant change of pace, to the latest release on Portugese label We Play Acid with French pair Castor & Katz’s four versions of their track ‘Luv Bizness’ with a light, summery take on 303 action. High on tempo and space, our favourite takes are both the original and deep versions. We Play Acid have been pushing their own underground take on acid for about 3 years now and are just starting to pick up deserved plaudits, though sadly, their releases are digital only (so far)… Here’s hoping for some ventures onto wax soon!

Preview Castor & Katz’ Luv Bizness EP here.



Auto Sound City – Synesthesia

All hardware outfit ASC return to Flight Recorder – one of the UK’s most underrated electronic labels. With a roster that features the likes of Perseus Traxx, Antoni Maiovvi, Steve Cook, Drvg Cvltvre, Cottam, and the late Andreas Gehm, FR have been steadily building a catalogue of serious talent under the radar for some time now. This release is one of their most solid yet, aimed straight at the dancefloor. With shimmering pads overlaying solid basslines and clattering drum machines, the first two tracks feel like they have come from the same heavy jam session. ‘Modality’ then slows it down slightly and takes a more hypnotic approach (our favourite on the EP) while the last track ups the tempo again and finishes the release in hectic fashion. Best release of the month for us, this one.


Krankbrother – Dreamscape

Krankbrother seem to be one of those outfits that release deep, lush tracks but then belt it out a lot harder when actually on the decks, and this is no exception. Sweeping pads, drifting ethereal vocals, and echoing 303 lines cascade throughout, even little hints of vocoders through reverb, giving the whole track a real epic mid-’90s deep techno feel. The Fort Romeau remix brings everything a little more forward, but lacks some of the spaciousness as a result. Closing track ‘Disappear Here’ (a reference to Hybrid’s album of the same name? It certainly has that kind of vibe) moves even further into ’90s ambient house territory, with a nostalgic bed of chilled breakbeats that wouldn’t feel out of place mixed with some classic FSOL or even the likes of System 7 or Banco De Gaia…


Scurrilous – Suck My Soul

Four proper bits of gear here from Manchester duo Scurrilous, offering tidy and energetic sample-laden house music for DJs. Street party tunes that you’d expect from the likes of Maquis Hawkes or DJ Haus.

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