I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman select and review a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers each month…

313 Acid Queen – 313 Acid Queen EP

…aka Rebecca Goldberg, producer and radio DJ from Detroit, this is 313 Acid Queen’s self-titled debut 12”. Opener ‘Riverwalk’ is a high tempo excursion through darkness, murky pads awash with oscillating acid lines. ‘Neighborhood’ begins with the sound of birds in the trees of suburbia before building into an acid stomper, which after a brief rage descends back into soundscapes. All Drexciyan bleep and sonars but against a straight up 4/4 beat, our fave is the closer, ‘Aquarium’. Best track of the month. Out on 12” now from the artist’s Bandcamp page (with lush playing card artwork).


Sepehr – Step One

More acid from Detroit, with the latest on Black Catalogue (although Sepehr himself hails from San Francisco). Title track ‘Step One’ comes in two flavours here – the original, raw acid house version, and a remix from D’Marc Cantu that adds a slightly ravey edge. Flipside ‘Caught In a Funk’ counterpoints a clonky bass against vocal snippets and decaying pad hits. Superb stuff all round.


Gerome Sportelli – Lost Acid Tracks Vol. 1

Out on DJ 3000’s Motech imprint (ANOTHER Detroit label…honestly, this is just a coincidence), who are celebrating their 15th year. This EP is taken from DAT tapes over a decade old – they’re also reportedly written on analogue gear with a “midi computer” used for sequencing (I assume that probably means an Atari running Cubase or a modtracker of some description)

Either way, these are four tracks of energetic acid house built for DJs and the dancefloor. ‘No Slide’ and ‘Street Break’ are direct and to the point, while ‘Hybrids’ movies into slightly deeper territory and closing track ‘Crooker’ drenches it’s tweaking acid line with reverb, hinting at UR style electro under the police sirens. Proper gear.

dyLAB – This Acid Kills Fascists

Melbourne-based analogue hardware enthusiast dyLAB takes the famous Woody Guthrie sentiment and applies it to the modern era. Fitting, seeing as acid house has its roots in rebellion against a right-wing government. The tracks themselves are suitably angry, with dyLAB channelling the heavier end of his output. Title track rinses the 303 at some tempo, while ‘707 Love 101’, and ‘Jack The 101’ do exactly what they say on the tin. The release comes with stickers too, always a bonus!


Chris Moss Acid – The Lo Fi House Trilogy

Three EPs in one go here, and enough bangers that your standard-or-common-house-producer would probably stretch this out to a years worth of releases. Seriously, amongst this stuff is (in this reviewers opinion) some of the best material Chris has done, and we’ve been listening to his output for well over a decade. Choice cuts are ‘Going To House U’, ‘727 Shag’, ‘Acid-22’, and ‘Moab Triple Time’. Best of all, each edition is priced £3.03. Go and buy them all, right now.

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