I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman select and review a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers each month…

Tom Demac – Muyu

Second part of Tom’s XII series – a single track release a month – and this one is a cracker. Gorgeous modular acid, with a clattering clave-type noise motif and a cacophony of bongos that we successfully club-tested at I Love Acid last month. Boss.


Jamal H – Acid Test

Rocking dancefloor acid from Manchester producer Jamal H, out on Foreign Language. While he has veteran Justin Robertson and the excellent Scurrilous on remix duty, it’s actually two of his originals that pack the most punch here: ‘Defibulator’ and ‘Acid Test’. Stripped back and confident but brimming with funk.


Nerdiboy – Learning to Let Go

Deep and lush house in the vein of DJ Boring / DJ Seinfeld from Spanish producer Nerdiboy. All four tracks feel like a continuation of each other, telling a short, melancholy story of a love affair gone wrong. Gorgeous stuff, go grab it.


Tin Man – Dripping Acid

We’re only just into April and already it looks like we have one of the best acid albums of the year here. Out on multiple 12”s or collected together on digital. 303 maestro Tin Man manages to move between blissful ambience and driving techno with ease. This is Hawtin / Recondite territory here, hard to pick favourites as there are so many tracks for so many different moods and moments.


Wille Burns & DJ Overdose – Sonny and Ricardo Give Good Advice.

Take Drugs.


Acid Jeep – Rhythm Magnet

Hailing from Houston Texas, and out on Love Love Records (who recently took over a stage at Bangface Weekender with a showcase that ranged from acid, techno and electro all the way through to a live thrash metal band) this is the debut release from Acid Jeep and it’s an absolute banger. Proper hardware funk, all snarling acid and wonky bleeps – our faves are ‘Freq Seeker’ and ‘Clap Noise Altitude’.

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