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Jaydee – Back Into Acid

So… according to records shops this appears to be the very same Robin “Jaydee” Alders who had a massive hit in the early ’90s with ‘Plastic Dreams’ – but for some reason, there is no mention of this release on his own websites or social media. The title tracks starts off laid back, awash with lush pads before it drops with a real killer acid line. However, the rest of the EP fails to live up to the opening gambit, with some pretty pedestrian house and a couple of forgettable remixes by DJ Doorly.

Definitely worth grabbing that title track though – just make sure you snag the original.


Acid Stallone – Cassette Maze EP

Gritty acid house, recorded straight to tape. Acid Stallone rocks a mish-mash of gear – MS20, DR110, Volca Sample, TT303… and Nintendo Gameboys! The latter being most apparent on ‘DJ Super +++’ which is full of low bitrate bleeps. Faves here are ‘Cassette Days’ with it’s lush pads and Chi-town vibe, and the shuffling funk of ‘Cassette Maze’. Grab the whole EP direct from Bandcamp.


The Lost Trax – The Saturnian System

There is something about the title track that immediately reminds of UR’s ‘Final Frontier’ – and that’s a compliment. Out on Delsin, this is four-to-the-floor 808 & 303 with gorgeous pads crossing over the mix. ‘The Sequel’ sets twisting clonky DX-style lines again Detroit techno beats and strings. The B side gets weirder, and more melancholic (closer “Birth” is beautiful actually) but never loses it’s groove.

This is definitely our top release of the month and anyone who has love for acid, Detroit techno, or early Warp/B12/ART should immediately grab this record without question.


Sick Of TV – Acid Gunslinger

Out on Japanese acid techno imprint Acidworx, this EP by Takenori Fukuda aka “Sick Of TV” is a trio of no-nonsense moody 303 chuggers. Gunslinger builds at a fairly high tempo with a dirty 303 line beset by phasing synth sweeps, but it’s ‘Revel Acid’ that’s our fave here, a twisting acid loop and clattering 707 beats, great stuff. Closer ‘Dribble Acid’ is nothing but, distorted and tweaking, slow but heavy as fuck.


Seuil – Acid Le Cour

Parisian Alexis Benard AKA Seuil, with his latest 12” on his own vinyl-only imprint Eklo. Four tracks here with bleeps and funk, little hits and plugs of 303 scattered throughout, playful melodies running over the top of analogue drums and drawn pad samples.

‘Acid Miami & Les Tantines La Roue’ is the killer here – – full of energy and sunshine, perfect for these winter months – but the whole EP has such a positive vibe. Proper.

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